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  1. Gunther

    Halen turns 1 today!!

    Happy B-Day, :)
  2. Gunther

    American vs European

    Aww well ... both are "Boxers" but the fact of the matter is "Euro vs American" are two different experiences! We have this discussion fairly often on "Boxerforum." And the key term is "Aloof" to strangers??? And by and large with a typical, well trained and well adjusted "American Line Boxer"...
  3. Gunther

    Help, puppy is having behavioral issues in the yard.

    No means nothing to a dog if you have uh "no means of enforcing it??? " No is an actual command but it has to be taught first and one has to have some means of enforcing it ... otherwise saying "No, No, No is a waste of time. :) Most likely an "Extreme" example but I taught my Boxer "Struddell"...
  4. Gunther


    Aww well the old "Stronger Trash" can approach?? I suppose that can work?? But color me as" not a fan" of that parroach..I much prefer to "show my dogs what I want" and how I expect them to behave.." You have three variable options : Option one ... do nothing and learn to learn with the...
  5. Gunther

    Somebody please help me

    Well if you wan to search google ... look for chip18 place command, "Place Command" would be the place to start in order to "Train" your dog to "Chill." And as for the immediate problem ... well until you deliver an "aversive' to your dog for making "Poor Choices." He's not gonna stop. Use...
  6. Gunther

    Legs giving out... :(

    It sounds like DM?? I don't know but if it there is a lot of info in here: And if she is struggling to walk?? You can give her a hand with a full body harness this one is inexpensive and use one for...
  7. Gunther

    My boxer is too anxious and nervous :( NEED HELP

    Well folks can argue about anything! If it helps your "not" wasn't your time. I take your points to heart! Hence your comment about my "limited sample of dogs" point taken so now I work with rescue Boxers! :) "Because I say so" it's not a technique it's an attitude. I "expect" a dog under...
  8. Gunther

    My boxer is too anxious and nervous :( NEED HELP

    Yes,yes I did. Substitute a fearful Boxer for this yellow lab and this is what it looked like. Nothing more nothing less, sometimes simple works. :)
  9. Gunther

    My boxer is too anxious and nervous :( NEED HELP

    Most likely you over did the treats? Bribing instead of training, I tend to go with the "because I say so school," myself but no matter. I'd start over and start here: Where's my sanity 'Sit on Dog" do a Goggle search Pros have been doing this for a very long time! Some of them do it with all...
  10. Gunther

    couple of boxer puppy tips needed please

    Look at this, I never used it myself I never had the need with my dogs. I did get to do it to day with a fearful rescue at Boxers and Buddies. Do is afraid of people I saw him last week and he looked so sad! :( After a walk we came back I kept the dog or a sit or down between my legs..not sure...
  11. Gunther

    I don't want to wear them!

    Well that sucks! I got the same response from Struddell about hats! Shirts fine but the hat was a bridge to far! :(
  12. Gunther

    Gina critically injured

    Wow talk about a bumpy road to recovery! I can't imagine the level of stress and anxiety involved! But it sounds like good progress is being made! Hopefully all the big bumps or over!? Hang in there gang! :)
  13. Gunther

    Walking is becoming a nightmare

    Your welcome and thanks for the feed back. :)
  14. Gunther

    Walking is becoming a nightmare

    I like this approach myself.
  15. Gunther

    Sam - my sweet soul

    So sorry for your loss and yes 13 years is a long time for a Boxer! It always hurts when they go, you think they are "always" going to be there and then one day they are gone!!! First couple days are the worst but it does get better with time, you did a great job for your guy. Take Care.
  16. Gunther

    Our Bettie Boop is waiting at the Bridge for us

    It always hurts when you lose one! 12 years for a Boxer is a good run! You did good! You're going to miss her and the first couple of days are going to be the worst, but it will get better with time. So sorry, been there .
  17. Gunther


    No it's just something "we' live with, I had thought about 'Gold Bead" implants they do that in Reno but someone on the GSD forum said the implants can shift and cause problems? I think it's common in Great Danes and happens in GSD's and Dobbies and apparently Boxers. I have some links I'll...
  18. Gunther

    Odin Is Having Trouble Peeing

    Never had it with a dog but my cat has been on a special diets for his whole life (17yrs) Urinary tract infection. You should get a second opinion from another vet, time is critical!
  19. Gunther

    Gina critically injured

    Be sure and take extra care of your better have also! Been there not good , it can get very bad for him!
  20. Gunther

    Chinese Herbal Medicine for allergies - sorry long post !.

    WOW that's great news!