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  1. angleheart

    Nobody has tried any kind of therapy for DM?

    I can' t believe that of all the people on here not one person had tried some form of physical therapy for a furbaby with degenerative myelopathy. I know it is not a cure but I read that it could possibly keep them on their feet a little longer. Nobody had tried this???
  2. angleheart

    DM therapy

    Have any DM parents done therapy of any kind and did it help? Accupuncture, PT, hydrotherapy, etc.?
  3. angleheart

    DM: What is the best type of specialist to see?

    I suspect my 8 yr old girl may have DM. Where do I begin?
  4. angleheart

    Lost love...

    Thinking a lot about my boys tonight. My first, Harley, gone 5 years now. Lost him to a brain tumor at almost 8 yrs of age. He was amazing! He sealed the deal for me. Boxers forever after knowing him. My second boy, Gino, stolen from me, possibly by a blot clot they think, on my girl...
  5. angleheart

    Corneal ulcer, fine until day 4 of treatment, now lethargic and depressed. Anyone?

    My girl Razzi (a 4 year old female) was diagnosed with a corneal eye ulcer on Tuesday and we began treatment of ointment and the "cone". She seemed her usual self until today. Today she is more lethargic and depressed which I know is a symptom but I wonder why this symptom didn't start until...
  6. angleheart

    Destuffing...why do they do it?

    One of mine has been really into the destuffing his toys lately. He unstuffs, we stuff...he watches and immediately destuffs again. Does anyone know if there is a meaning to it or is it just fun?
  7. angleheart

    :( One Year ago this day...

    Harley, I can't believe that one year ago today, you left my heart has been broken ever since. You were always so healthy and then that d%#@ brain tumor snuck up and stole you away from me. There is not one day that goes by that I don't think about you and miss you like crazy :(...
  8. angleheart

    Razzi is always sitting on her fur brother...

    Just curious, Razzi is always sitting on Gino, her fur brother. Is this a dominance thing? She will sit on people too but that seems like a security thing...wanting to be touching to feel safe.
  9. angleheart

    My adopted baby always looks so sad...

    I've had my new girl since March 29th. She always looks so sad and I don't know what that means. I think "Is she really sad or is this just the way she looks"? I keep asking her "what happened to you?". I wonder if something is physically wrong but the vet says everthing is normal on exam...
  10. angleheart

    I think she got shocked!

    So, Razzi, my newly adopted girl, and Gino were outside playing tug-o-war with this toy monkey that makes a monkey noise, and all of a sudden, she slinked away and darted straight into the house. I go and look and the noise pieces inside the monkey are all over, including BATTERIES that I did...
  11. angleheart

    A Letter from the Rainbow Bridge

    A letter from the Rainbow Bridge To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say... but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay. I'm writing this from the Rainbow Bridge. Here I dwell with God above. Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love. Please...
  12. angleheart

    Happy Birthday Harley!

    Happy 8th B-Day! You should be here, with me...I miss you soooooo much honey :( Things just haven't been the same since you left. On this your first b-day away from me, I feel so empty inside. I think about you every day and miss you no less. Have a great day sweetie, I'm sure they will...
  13. angleheart

    Help!!!! Don't know what to do! (long)

    As some of you know, I lost my beloved Harley to a brain tumor 2mths ago today. Well, as heartbroken as I am, I need another boxer to love. I have the opportunity to move in with a friend, rent free mind you, he lives in a house with a fenced yard where I would then qualify to adopt an older...
  14. angleheart

    Allergy relief products

    I've seen lots on people with allergy dogs, but can anyone recommend any GOOD topical products to help with the soothing of hot spots? My friends boxer, Gino, while currently undergoing an allergy shot regimen, is still miserable with hot spots on the chest, neck and ears. I'm willing to try...
  15. angleheart

    Breeders that "ship" puppies

    Is this bad or common practice? It sounds bad to me but I don't know. I was checking out a breeder's website, they just had a litter, everything looks pretty good, and 1.) I noticed there is no online application with a million questions, and 2.) I notice a comment about them shipping their...
  16. angleheart

    Can anyone in Colorado help Justice?

    I would do it myself but HOBO Care won't let someone in an apartment take one of their dogs (I can understand why though, it's in the best interest of the dog). I think he has been on here for awhile. Please see him at the link below...
  17. angleheart

    Merry Christmas my sweetie

    Merry Christmas Harley. It was three weeks ago today that we parted ways and I miss you so much. I turned 40 on Saturday and Mark sent me and a couple of my friends to Vegas this past weekend. I had fun, but dreaded coming home. I used to really miss you when I was gone a few days and this...
  18. angleheart

    Tribute to Harley

    I had to express my feelings somehow. To Harley I can't believe that you are gone, it's by my side where you belong. The worse part is I wasn't there, my want for you was the best care. Forgive me please, I didn't know, it was so soon that you would go. And as your loving soul...
  19. angleheart

    Three boxers in Denver area shelters
  20. angleheart

    I wish you were here was too soon. I still turn on Animal Planet for you each morning, and I leave the blinds open so that you can see out the window. Your bed is still next to mine, I've looked for you there the past two mornings. I want to believe that you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge but I am...