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  1. Mega's Mom

    Dante is Missing

    Oh shoot! I got a notice that you posted and was hoping for good news. Don't give up on him yet!
  2. Mega's Mom

    Dante is Missing

    I keeping checking this thread, hoping and against hope that Dante is home.
  3. Mega's Mom

    Four and an Adult?

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Waldo!! Hope you had a great day!! fiestaicon
  4. Mega's Mom

    Princess Arabella collapsed

    Oh no! Sending <<<healing vibes>>> to the Princess. I do remember Thor. Maybe he will help Arabella from above. Keep us posted!
  5. Mega's Mom

    Happy Halloweenie from the boxer beanies

    Love it!! loveicon
  6. Mega's Mom

    Meet Sonny

  7. Mega's Mom

    Ok you get me up before my alarm......

    grinicon That is too cute!!
  8. Mega's Mom

    Not too proud to pout

  9. Mega's Mom

    Arabella being a protective big sister.

    Arabella "Just making sure he's ok, Mom!" Good girl!
  10. Mega's Mom

    It must be love !!

    I can't ... they are so stinkin' cute!!! loveicon
  11. Mega's Mom

    Best seat in the house :):)

    That is HILARIOUS!! No joke - Roge looks like a comfy seat! grinicon
  12. Mega's Mom

    No Pull Harness

    Does anybody have any recommendations for a no pull harness? I have always used the Easy Walk Harness but for some reason I cannot get it adjusted to fit Jester. He's good walking on his own but when I walk them together, it's a train wreck. LOL
  13. Mega's Mom

    Roge is a winner !!!!

    Congrats Roge, you handsome devil! loveicon
  14. Mega's Mom

    When you're a Daddy's boy

    Awwwwwwww! loveicon
  15. Mega's Mom


    So sorry for your loss. frownicon Run free at The Bridge, Clyde.angelicon
  16. Mega's Mom

    Zira is sick - pancreas

    Great news!!! applauseicon
  17. Mega's Mom

    Rest now my angel Clare 12-24-06to6-26-17

    So sorry for your loss. sadicon Run free at the Bridge, Clare. angelicon
  18. Mega's Mom

    GDOGS 8/18/05 - 6/17/17

    Oh no!! My heart sank when I saw this. Run free at the Bridge, GDOGS. angelicon
  19. Mega's Mom

    Sheba has turned a corner :)

    Good boy, Roge!! and good girl, Sheba. It took you a while but you made it! LOL