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    Does he seem to be bumping into anything? Not necessarily hitting things, but like maybe he is unnecessarily close to one side of the door frame than the other when he walks through it? If you put a treat on the right side of his face, can he get it right away or does it take him a second...
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    Creek 3/23/2001 - 4/17/2014

    So sorry to hear about Creek. Big hugs to you and your husband. :(
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    Creek will not eat

    So sorry to hear about Creek. I hope these next few days bring all of you some peace and relief. *hugs*
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    Elevated Liver Enzymes & Possible Seizure

    Crap, I hope Rosco feels better soon. I also don't really have an immediate suggestion, but send tons of positive vibes. Do keep us posted. *hugs*
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    Snatchoo sept. 19, 2003 - feb. 20, 2014

    Oh Chrystel, I'm so sorry. Snatch will be greatly missed. Run free little man, we all loved having known you through here.
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    Really good tip to stop leash pulling

    I've used a "stick" (it's actually the cardboard inside of a roll of wrapping paper) as both an aversive and a targeting device. Lego is very aware of physical "boundaries", for instance, things like tables, chairs, baby gates, even curtains - he will mind his space and will always avoid these...
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    Thatcher has DM. Anyone use Dwanecart wheelchair?

    That is so awesome to see! Thatcher is a stunning boy. I hope you have many more months with him being so happy. :)
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    Could have saved some money:)

    Too funny! This thread totally reminded me of my old girl Laika, she would do stuff like that all the time: Boxer Dog Photo Gallery & Postcard - Chair-off limits! She was young in that picture, maybe 1.5-2 years old? I miss that dog. :)
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    dark brown/red nail and nail beds

    Hi everyone, I did a search on the forum and found a couple of posts regarding dark brown/red stains on white nails and they all seem to indicate that it's due to yeast in the feet? Lego's white nails (on his front feet only) have had dark brown/red stains for a long time now… he does not...
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    mulitple skin masses - brainstorm with me

    Awww she is adorable! Gosh, I've never seen nor heard of anything like that… will consult with my doggie friends, see if I can come up with something. Hugs to Annie!
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    My Boxer Babies Are Gone

    Oh I remember reading about Tess and Conner. It seems like a lot of us from those Boxerworld days have lost our loved ones… 10-12 years on this forum, is it really that long? I accompany you in your grief, and I hope you find comfort in the happy memories. Rest in peace Tess and Conner.
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    Christmas Card pictures

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share the pictures we took for this year's Christmas cards. I like how they came out, but I am so sad that this will be the first year that Laika is not gonna be on the cards. :( We miss her so much. Anyway, enjoy! Xmas2013 | Flickr - Photo Sharing...
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    Snow and boxers??

    We are also taking Lego to the snow for the first time ever this winter. He's never seen it before and he even gets cold here when the temperature gets into the 40s, so I figure I would need a good warm coat for him. I found this: Coat | Flickr - Photo Sharing! So far he seems ok with...
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    Questions about the Mom and Dad

    Both parents should be at least 2 years old. Not necessarily because that's the age when they can be bred, but because that's the age when they can have passed all health tests. Things like hips need to be tested on a mature dog (so that the growth plates are closed) and so they won't assign...
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    can lightning strike twice?

    YAAAAYYY!!!! Now the real question is... is she gonna miss all the attention you've been paying to her butt? Mine would... :)
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    can lightning strike twice?

    Topical antibiotic! Brilliant! That's great that the vet heard you out and decided against the shot. Sometimes our gut feeling knows best. I would have been a tad uncomfortable not giving anything at all, but didn't even think about a topical! That's the best possible scenario. The warm...
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    can lightning strike twice?

    Hard to say. If they keep them in stock, they might. I have a really good relationship with my vet so they will sometimes "bend the rules" for me. Maybe you can float it by them? Can't hurt. Just a thought, maybe the shot will be better because it will 'bypass' her GI system and go straight...
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    can lightning strike twice?

    The problem is that if there was pus at all, that means there was an infection, and even if it drained, the bacteria (or whatever) can remain in her system. You really want some antibiotics to clear whatever is leftover in there. Good thought about wanting to meet with the vet though...
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    can lightning strike twice?

    Hard call to make with the antibiotics... but like Susi said, if you can't get them into her, they're not going to help at all. Regarding the anal gland issue... Laika had an abscessed anal gland once and it if weren't because I could actually SEE it (it was irritated, red and protruding) I...
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    Prayers for Thor please.

    Aw no! I had somehow not seen this either... I am SO sorry for your loss. I had read and followed Thor's ups and downs. I am glad he's no longer in pain and running free with all of our guys at the bridge. May you find some comfort soon. *hugs*