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    Vomitting Dark Brown Stuff

    Well Cara has kept all her food down today, so that's good. But I'll be keeping an extra close eye on her all week.
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    Vomitting Dark Brown Stuff

    So I took Cara took the dog park today and when we got I home she ate and drank and than threw up about ten minutes later. The throw up was mostly just undigested kibble. Anyway I put the food up thinking maybe it was to soon after exercise to be eating. So over the course of the next...
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    Nightmare or seizure?

    I would definitely keep on eye on him. If his cage isn't in your room maybe move it there. I had a golden retriever mix who developed eplipsey (sp?). And she initially had her seizures at night. And she always urinated during them. But it might be nothing.
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    Anyone else's boxer do this????

    Cara was playing fetch with one of my friends once. And he accidently over threw the ball and it went over the chain link fence and she ran head first right into the fence. She also has the habit of turning around or trying to get comfy on the bed or the couch and shifting right off the edge...
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    Potty Training Relapse

    I assume my mom handled it the way she taught me to. If you catch them in the act you give a firm no and cart them outside. But if you don't see it happen then just clean it up. I'm more concerned about the sudden onset of accidents, I take her out regularly and I don't understand why she is...
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    Potty Training Relapse

    I recently had to go to a wedding and my parents was on the way so I took my boxer to stay with them and their two dogs. My mom was taking Cara out every two hours but for some reason she kept pooing in the house. So my mom was taking her out even more frequently. Then when I brought her...
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    Dog Park Rant (long sorry)

    There is playground within spitting distance of the dog park. But parents want their kids to play with dogs. grrrr
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    Dog Park Rant (long sorry)

    I was at the dog park today with my girl and a little boy got bit, probably around 5 years old. Not by my dog thank goodness. I'm actually not sure which dog got him. But there are tennis balls scattered around and he kept picking them up and running with them. And the dog tried to get the...
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    Frozen Recipes

    I was at the vet today and my puppy has bronchitis. :( She recommended giving her some ice cubes to help soothe. But my girl doesn't seem to like ice cubes. Any recommendations for frozen tasty treats? I was think of freezing yogurt, is that okay?
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    18 year old Boxer!

    She didn't mention anything special just kibble and love. She did mention she recently started Glucoseamine (sp?) for arthritis and it worked wonders. Her dog is only four years younger than me!
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    Growling during play

    Thanks for the input. I wasn't sure because it wasn't something she's done before. I guess its just another boxer thing.
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    Growling during play

    I've been taking my pup to the dog park for a while now. And she plays pretty nicely and doesn't seem overly aggresive. But the past two trips she's started to growl and bark during play. Is this a sign of increased aggression? I don't want to be one of those dog owners with an...
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    18 year old Boxer!

    I was walking my girl after my evening run and I ran into a neighbor who had a boxer that was 18 years old. The dog moved a little stiffly from arthritis, but seemed happy and healthy. I hope my girl lives that long!
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    How much did your boxer weigh at 6 months old?

    Cara is 6 months and weighs 42 lbs. Though she seems to me to be a little bit on the lean side. I think she is a tad too ribby. I don't have any recent pics though b/c my digital camera broke.
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    Microchip Implants

    I had my puppy chipped at 3 months. There is some initial swelling but that goes away after a couple days. But no problems once so ever. I recommend it.
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    Food Recall

    It seems there is another recall. This one is for "exposure" not any reported illnesses. I hope it's okay to post a link to the news article.
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    Tummy Friendly Treats?

    I'm currently feeding my pup Merrick's Puppy Plate... I know it isn't a 6 Star food but all the six star foods said they had too much protein for puppies. But anyway I'm struggling to find a treat for my puppy that doesn't result in diarhea. Most of the store bought stuff does. I found some...
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    What Age for Agility?

    If she decides to jump stuff on her own is that okay or should I stop her? There are some silt fences near where I walk her off leash, they are around 2 feet high and she likes to jump them sometimes. Not everyday just over and back sometimes. I want her to enjoy walks and burn off energy...
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    Crate Issues...

    I think maybe the pup needs to adjust to the change in lifestyle. My girl hated her crate initially and it would take me around 10 minutes to coax her into it when I would leave for work. And now just through sheer repetition I just toss in a toy before I leave and in she goes. If the...
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    What Age for Agility?

    I was thinking of getting into agility because my Cara is very athletic and loves attention. She loves to run around and I think agility would be good for bonding, training, and staying fit. The local agility club requires three levels of obedience class before you can enter classes, so I...