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  1. beausmommy

    Boxer as a "ranch dog"

    It's good to see you back on BW! I remember Charlie Paper :) It sounds like he had a great time!!!
  2. beausmommy

    Breed that gets a long with boxers?

    I currently have a boxer and a miniature dachshund that are the best of friends. My boxer also gets along really well with my foster dog who is a standard poodle. I have never liked poodles but she is AMAZING. She's on the smaller side at about 35lbs. My parents have a rescued yorkie-poo that is...
  3. beausmommy

    Love your dogs!

    That's such a cute story. My mom is even in on the boxer mania. She bought me an I love my boxer car magnet on clearance for .49 at Walgreens :lol:
  4. beausmommy

    Small World!

    What fun! Chops is such a handsome boy that I don't know how they could resist coming over to say hello :) Let us know how the playdate goes.
  5. beausmommy

    izzy and rocky.......

    That is just too sweet :)
  6. beausmommy

    Pray for Javi (once again)

    I am so sorry to hear that Javier's leukemia has returned. I will keep him in my prayers.
  7. beausmommy

    New Kid on the block.....

    What a sweet looking boy! It looks as though he and Sequoia are getting along nicely. It's so nice to hear from you :)
  8. beausmommy

    anybody live in thier hometown

    I grew up in a very small town (not even one stoplight) outside of Jackson, TN. I HATED it at the time because we had to drive 30 minutes to get to school every day, go to the grocery store, etc. It was terrible as a teenager because I didn't get to go out like all my friends did until I could...
  9. beausmommy

    Some new ones of Milly

    Wonderful pics! Milly is absolutely beautiful :)
  10. beausmommy


    More awesome pictures of Henri...handsome as always! I love seeing pics of your regal boy :)
  11. beausmommy

    Boxers in the HEAT

    It has been in the upper 90s here for the past few days. Fortunately, I have an extremely lazy boxer who requires little exercise. He normally burns around the back yard a few times while I water my flowers after work and that is the extent of his exercise on hot days. He's normally panting at...
  12. beausmommy


    Beau sheds like crazy. There is hair in the bottom of his crate every day not to mention my couch, floors, etc. I try to use the Zoom Groom on him pretty frequently which does seem to help and he thinks he's getting a great massage :)
  13. beausmommy

    A letter to Quincy

    I still remember reading your original post about Quincy in the Rainbow Bridge forum like it was yesterday. I don't think I even posted a response as I didn't even know what to say. My "white boy" is also very precious to me. Your letter to him once again brought tears to my eyes. I am sure he...
  14. beausmommy

    I've Given up

    I had mutant fleas in my back yard and my dogs...and therefore in my house. Nothing seemed to work. I sprayed. I powdered. I had Terminix spray. I bombed. I washed. I dipped. I did everything I could think of. I used Revolution, Frontline, etc. and none of the topical treatments worked. The only...
  15. beausmommy

    Sprinkler Time!

    Beau burns around the yard like he doesn't like it when you spray him but he just keeps coming back for more so he obviously enjoys it. I also can't water my flowers without him coming to "bite" the water coming out of the sprayer. He's such a goof!
  16. beausmommy

    Instructions for opening doors....

    Hi Cami! Beau here. I figured out how to open the storm door, too. However, unlike your mom who thought you were amazingly brilliant, my mom said a few words I rarely hear come out of her mouth and she came running toward me like a linebacker ready to tackle me if I even thought about moving...
  17. beausmommy

    Bo's latest pics!

    What a sweet little face :)
  18. beausmommy

    2 White Female Boxers in Clovis, NM

    It's a good thing I'm all the way over in TN because I'd want to snatch one of those cuties up in a heartbeat! I hope they find wonderful forever homes :)
  19. beausmommy

    Honest life expectancy.........

    While Beau isn't a big toy fan (even though he has at least 50) he has had the same cuz for about 3 years. I bought a wubba for my foster dog (standard poodle). It didn't last a week. While it probably would have lasted forever if it belonged to Beau, I would not suggest it for a destructive...
  20. beausmommy

    Henri's new toy

    I love the car but Henri is still better looking :) What a fun new toy he has. He looks ready to fend off any invaders in the third pic! He must have been about to bark.