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  1. Cami

    Thinking of Cami today

    Cami started my journey into Boxers and what a wild ride it has been. Today would have been her 18th birthday. I know it probably isn't even a possibility for a Boxer to live to be 18 but I am still going to celebrate her forever! She has been gone for over 11 years now but I think of her every...
  2. Cami

    Halen enjoying fall

    The Bubble.....
  3. Cami

    Halen turns 1 today!!

    I can't wrap my head around it. My baby girl turns one today. Where did the time go? She is a handful but such a sweetheart. Love her to pieces!
  4. Cami

    Halen is growing up!

    Halen will be 8 months old next week. Growing like a weed. Started agility, which she loves!
  5. Cami

    Halen enjoying some sun! 18 weeks old.

  6. Cami

    Signs from Raine for a new pup??

    I lost Raine in Feb. Completely devastated still. I waited over 6 months before bringing her home after losing Cami. After bringing her home I told anyone who would listen that 6 months was too long and we should have done it sooner (although it wouldn't have been her so I guess it was perfect...
  7. Cami

    Raine is gone. Numb and broken.

    I participated here on BW for many years and then for whatever reason it became too painful for me. So many great people here sharing about their babies and wonderful times spent with them.....but the injuries, surgeries, medications and eventual losses tore at my heart so much and I had to take...
  8. Cami

    Raine headed to vet-blood in urine

    Raine had an upset tummy in the early morning hours Sunday. I was up with her for a couple of hours and she finally went back to sleep. I was outside with her multiple times since she wanted to eat grass. Unfortunately everything is frozen and she just went through the motions. First thing after...
  9. Cami

    Raine's cardiology appt. today

    Please wish my girl luck today. We are visiting with a new cardiologist (same facility). Her previous cardio doc stopped seeing patients when she was made director of the hospital. Good for her but bad for us! She is still available if needed for consults so that is a good thing. I just hate...
  10. Cami

    Trying to help a stranager!

    Over the weekend my DH and I were at an event and found a Visa debit card lying on the ground. No one was in the direct vicinity so we couldn't ask if it belonged to anyone specific. Upon closer inspection it has someones name on it. It also has a small piece of paper taped to it with the dollar...
  11. Cami

    Raine turns 4 today!

    I can't believe that Raine is now 4 years old. I told my DH that I was going to keep telling everyone that she was 3 until she grows up! LOL I can see it now....she will be old and gray (God willing) and still acting like a fool and I will be saying...."It's okay, she is only three years...
  12. Cami

    Another holter for Raine

    Raine is wearing her favorite holter today <sarcasm>. Time for her 6 month check-up. BP was perfect, echo showed no changes to heart size or function (YEA) and the EKG showed a couple of singles while at the office. That isn't terrible but not idea but we know she is always at her worst while...
  13. Cami

    Lost my "niece"

    My friend called yesterday with the terrible news that my niece Sugar passed away unexpectedly. Sugar was a white Boxer related to my girl Cami (they had the same grandpa). Sugar and Cami were the best of friends and were a year apart in age. Sugar stayed with us while her family traveled for...
  14. Cami

    10 years, THANKS BW

    It's official....I have been a member of Boxer World for 10 years. I want to thank Olly, the moderators (past & present), all of the members and my girls....Cami who is no longer with us and Raine who never ceases to amaze me. This site has been a 2nd home for me. It has brought me much...
  15. Cami

    Holter results in

    The current dose of Sotalol which is 60mgs twice a day increased from the original 40mgs IS WORKING. Cardiologist called today and the holter results are ---------------> 6 VPC's. SIX!!!! ONLY 6!! WOO-Friggin-HOO!! Someone pinch me already. Out of those 6 three were slow and not early...
  16. Cami

    It's holter time again.....

    Raine has her 3rd holter on today or the 3rd in the past 3 weeks. Good news is that while at the vets office they had her hooked up for a short period of time to an ECG and it was 100% CLEAR. Not even one single PVC. How bout them apples? appicon Of course it was just a short moment in...
  17. Cami

    Sotalol Questions

    Interested in your experience with Sotalol. Age when started, weight, dose, side effects, etc.....How long on original dose, if increased how much and how long after starting the medication originally. Any other meds added to the mix? Anything you want to share would be appreciated!
  18. Cami

    Totally devastated

    Don't know what else to say except that Raine turned 3 exactly one month ago today and she was just diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and I am on my way to get medication. Cardiologist just called with the news and said she is terribly concerned for Raine and wants the med started immediately...
  19. Cami

    Common denominator

    I took Raine to the vet yesterday to have her teeth/mouth checked out. I had thought I was smelling an odor from her mouth but all was fine. At any rate we had issues with two dogs while there and I can't figure out what is going on. We were in the waiting room and a woman rushed in with...
  20. Cami

    NEW RECALL 6/18/2013 Natura Foods

    Just bought a bag of the affected EVO treats yesterday....luckily I didn't open it yet. Food affected include: INNOVA EVO CALIFORNIA NATURAL HEALTHWISE KARMA MOTHER NATURE