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  1. jreich


    Yes, her Kong she can't tear up, but she doesn't want to play with that as much lol she has a thing where she doesn't really like rubber toys. I always watch her carefully when she starts chewing on stuffed animals. She really doesn't eat the stuffing, but sometimes will swallow some pieces of...
  2. jreich


    Question... My Oakley will shred and chew every toy to pieces!! How do I get her to stop?? We have found only one toy she hasn't been able to shred, but she now has it turned inside out with the paws chewed off lol Help?
  3. jreich

    Oakley (Update!)

    My little Oakley is about 7 months old now, and I have not been happier that we got her! She has now begun to woo woo (she was pretty quiet in the beginning) and she has also begun to bark at random things (especially if we say "what's that???"). She just comes over and protects mommy! She just...
  4. jreich

    Boxer Traits

    Gas (pee-yew!!!) So at first Oakley didn't have much gas, but recently, OMG it's been bad! We haven't changed her diet either! Boy, can she clear out a room!!!
  5. jreich

    Bladder problems

    We have already had the problem with her pH and that got fixed the first time we took her in. She is in her crate for a while when both my boyfriend and I are at work, but we cannot trust her enough to let her roam free out in the house right now without peeing/pooping in the house. *sigh* Thank...
  6. jreich

    Bladder problems

    Oakley has this problem with her urine having too many white cells.... Is this a problem for most boxer puppies? We got her treated a few weeks ago and got her on meds, but then a few days after she had a problem peeing again, so we took her back to the vet and it turns out she still had a lot...
  7. jreich


    Anyone else have a boxer that just climbs all over them when they have a toy? My little Oakley like to just walk all over me... She'll walk over my legs (trip over them more like it) and then turn around and walk over them again! She does this over and over again when she has a toy in her mouth...
  8. jreich

    A Pet's Prayer

    Oh such a wonderful poem!!
  9. jreich

    R.I.P Ginger

    My parents and I lost our boxer dog Ginger about 12 years ago. She was fine then all of a sudden the week of Thanksgiving she was losing balance. By the end of the week she couldn't even walk down the stairs. My mom took her to the doctors and eventually found out that her white blood cells were...
  10. jreich

    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    Native American
  11. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from Oakley! Sorry, I tried fixing her red eye, that's why she looks a little like a demon lol!!
  12. Oakley 3 months!

    Oakley 3 months!

    This is Oakley when I first brought her home!
  13. jreich

    Boxer Traits

    Also forgot to mention she snores like a freight train!!!!
  14. jreich

    Boxer Traits

    Oh my gosh I never knew that boxers have basically all the smae traits! I love my little Oakley, she's rambunctious, sweet, caring, and loves to run to mommy when scared! She doesn't have gas too bad (thank God!) but when she does she can clear out a room! She loves to chase her tail, and...
  15. jreich

    Hello from Indiana!!!!

    Hey everyone! My name is Jen, and my boyfriend and I own a 4 month old female boxer mix named Oakley. She is an amazingly wonderful dog!! This is the first dog that either of us have owned before (not including parents owning pets)... My parents have had a boxer before, so I knew what to expect...