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    Nobody has tried any kind of therapy for DM?

    Do you have experience with this Sherry? If many people have tried it, why do I not hear from them?
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    Nobody has tried any kind of therapy for DM?

    JF - thank you so much for sharing your experience. My girl is only 8 years old. Like me, you wanted to give your pup every chance and doing nothing is not easy as you know. We had a consult last night and they offered up what sounds like the same therapy plan. I know what is in store for us...
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    Nobody has tried any kind of therapy for DM?

    I realize all of that I just thought that maybe someone on Boxerworld may have at least tried to preserve their DM diagnosed dog's quality of life by trying therapy and I really thought that of all places this is where I might have found someone to share their therapy experience with me.
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    Nobody has tried any kind of therapy for DM?

    I can' t believe that of all the people on here not one person had tried some form of physical therapy for a furbaby with degenerative myelopathy. I know it is not a cure but I read that it could possibly keep them on their feet a little longer. Nobody had tried this???
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    Our beautiful Waldo

    So sorry to hear about your beautiful boy Waldo :(.
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    Tested Neg for Cushing's. Need help.

    There is quick recovery with syncope where as seizures have slow recovery. What does the vet say now?
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    Boxer throwing up

    How did it go? Is your pup alright?
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    Slowing down recently

    Usually when there is a significant change in a dog's behavior, something is wrong. Is there anything else going on? Drinking more? Coughing? Shortness of breath? Have you noticed any unusual odors?
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    DM therapy

    Have any DM parents done therapy of any kind and did it help? Accupuncture, PT, hydrotherapy, etc.?
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    It could be the heart. Sounds like syncope. From what I have gone through recently, there is usually some level of disorientation following a seizure where with syncope they recover quickly and are right back to normal when the episode is over.
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    DM: What is the best type of specialist to see?

    I suspect my 8 yr old girl may have DM. Where do I begin?
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    Back legs getting weak and falling over

    My girl has had the same thing recently. Also 7 yrs old. We have a new 2 year old boxer boy that we took in 6 months ago. This all started after we got him. Just wondering, have you been able to figure anything out?
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    beds preferred by boxers

    Mine like to oval-shaped beds with the raised sides, a pillow and a blanket of course :)
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    Corneal ulcer - have you heard of this form of treatment?

    It can be very nerve-racking but my girl has had it done to each eye and all went well! Good luck!
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    He ate a bar of soap

    My Harley did that when he was a youngster! I took and a nap. When I woke up and went to the restroom, I noticed that the water was running in the sink. I thought it was odd but noticed nothing more. Then, he threw up. He was puking bubbles. It was then that I realized that he stole the...
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    Boxers and Snow

    My girl is NOT a fan of the snow and cold. She has a sweater to wear if it gets to be 30 degrees or lower and only wears it when she goes for a walk. She has a doggie door, and will only choose to go out when absolutely necessary if it's cold out. My boys didn't mind it so much. Gino even...
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    Thyroid? We'll see

    Cushing's maybe? I sure hope not :(
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    Our 9 year old Boxer has late stage DM

    I'm so sorry to hear of your baby's troubles :( Like most say, it's usually time when the bad times out number the good. It's a tough call even if it is the best thing for them. Thoughts are with you in this hardest of times.
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    Large bump on right front leg

    Could be a few things. Best thing to do is have your vet examine it and possibly get a sample of it.
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    Boxer loosing hair

    A second opinion and maybe even a dermatologist should be obtained. She could have a couple of different things going on.