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  1. Matt


    Smilies are now accessed via the Smiley Face in the editor menu Clicking on the face enabled the smilies via the dropdown at the bottom of the editor To use a smiley, simply click the one you want to use: :) (y)
  2. Matt

    Hello Everyone

    Thought I'd say hello, as I'll be around doing things in the background from now on, making sure the site is running to it's optimal performance. I'm Matt, from Sheffield in the UK. I've been running forums for the last 10 years, and I do a lot of server work and configurations specifically...
  3. Matt

    Image Upload in Posts

    The below guide will show you how to upload images and files into the editor in various places on the forum. The easiest and most simple way is to drag and drop the required file into the editor This will upload the image, and give you the option to insert either the thumbnail (600x600...
  4. Matt

    My boy graduated

    I'm so proud of my boy Rosco he graduated basic obedience class tonite. I thought when I signed him up eight weeks ago that he was un trainable because he acts so crazy. He really surprised me from the start he was just great caught on really quick loved it. Every time I get the treat pouch out...
  5. Matt

    Playdates or Dog parks in Kentucky

    Hey was just wondering if there was anyone near louisville that was interested in setting up a playdate. I would like to socialize my two boxers they play great together and have no troubles around other dogs or people. Would like to see them playing with some other boxers. I was also woundering...
  6. Matt


    Hey everyone my name is matt and I am the proud owner of two great boxers. Daisy a two year old fawn and Rosco is a one year old brindle with white markings. They are both awesome boxers with their own personalities. They do however exibit alot of the traits that I have read on this site. Matt