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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 vs Nikon D40

    I am looking to purchase either the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 or the Nikon D40 and I need some insight from the experts as to which one I should go with. I know the Panasonic is a bridge camera and the Nikon is a DSLR. From the reviews I've read most have suggested that the DSLR's are "better"...
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    Salamanca, Spain

    Hello All. I will be studying in Salamanca, Spain for four months. I am leaving the USA at the end of August and I'll be leaving Spain in the middle of December, but will be traveling throughout Europe for another month. For that last month I will be with my boyfriend, but seeing as I've never...
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    Scanning Old Photographs

    I came across boxes of old photographs and I would love to scan them into my laptop so I have a record of those memories should something happen to the original photos. My question is, does anyone know of any software or equipment that would make archiving these photos easier? I started to scan...
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    Tips for Puppy-Sitting Neighbor's Boxer?

    I will be watching my neighbor's six year old, 75 lb boxer for a week beginning next weekend. The dog doesn't know me very well as we don't get together much and is protective of my neighbor's house and yard. Does anyone have any tips for me to help encourage a smooth week together? I'm planning...
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    English Springer Spaniels

    Has anyone had experience with English Springer Spaniels? My boyfriend's family had two as hunting dogs and they didn't have any major temperament or behavioral problems; however I keep reading about "Springer Rage Syndrome." Does anyone have experience with this issue in Springers? I'm thinking...
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    Clicker Training

    I am absolutely elated right now because Luca, our new rescue, has caught on to clicker training and he is sooo smart! I taught him to go in his crate, sit, and watch me in just two hours. Obviously I know he doesn't quite get it 100% yet, but this is definitely a start. When we got him he...
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    Really Runny Stools

    We brought Luca home last night and he has pooped four times. Each and every time it has been diarrhea. For the mean time we are keeping him on the food he was fed at the rescue, hills science diet (which I understand is a pretty low quality food). For treats and training we are using little...
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    Teaching A Stubborn Dog To Sit

    We just brought our rescue, Luca, home and he is fitting in really well. He is 10 months old and a bit underweight but he's really friendly and pretty attached to the b/f and I. Besides some housebreaking issues that we're working on, we cannot for the life of us get him to sit. He's not super...
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    Solid Gold and how much?

    We are bringing home our boxer tomorrow. He is ten months old and a rescue. Right now the rescue has him on Science Diet (blech I know...) and we want to gradually transition him to Solid Gold Wolf King. Originally I really wanted him on Orijen but there aren't any stores that carry that food...
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    So as many of you know my b/f and I have been looking to adopt a boxer for quite some time now and after many months of searching we have finally found our little guy. He is a reverse brindle, ten months old, and a rescue. We've decided to name him Luca and we get to bring him tomorrow night...
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    Just Completed My Application

    I'm so excited because I just completed my application with a shelter that is the temporary home of Cody, a beautiful reverse brindle boy I found on petfinder. Wish me luck and I'll let y'all know if we get approved or not :)
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    Adoption Frustrations

    My boyfriend and I are finally moving into an apartment that allows dogs of all breeds and sizes. Because I am still in school our schedules are quite flexible and we would have more than enough time to devote to a dog. We really want to rescue rather than go the puppy route at this point in our...
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    Hello from Chicago!

    Hi everyone. My name is Ali and I currently don't have any boxers, but as soon as I finish college a boxer puppy will definitely be in the picture. My close friend has two boxers and I've fallen in love with them. I've done tons of research and I know this is the breed for me. I look forward to...