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  1. MyGirlRoxi

    "The Naughty Boxer" by John Prendota

    I recently purchased "The Naughty Boxer" by John Prendota as part of a fundraiser for a Boxer Rescue. (I believe Mr. Prendota donates $1.00 of every sale to this particular rescue in Arizona.) I received a signed copy of a beautifully illustrated hard-cover book. The story is all rhyming and...
  2. MyGirlRoxi

    Baton Rouge LA and Memphis TN

    The husband and I will be heading to Baton Rouge, LA for a couple of nights followed by a few nights in Memphis, TN in mid-April. Does anyone have suggestions for good restaurants or great must-see places to go? (We will be spending one of the days in Memphis at Graceland, of course!)
  3. MyGirlRoxi

    Degenerative Myelopathy

    Has anyone had any experience with a Boxer with degenerative myelopathy? I know there is no medical treatment for it but I am hoping someone out there in Boxerworld has some helpful advice on what I can do for my baby girl. I'm told that it is painless for her and much more difficult for us to...
  4. MyGirlRoxi

    Surgery on Monday

    My sister's boston terrier, Tippy, is going in for surgery on Monday, Oct. 16 to have a golf-ball sized lump/tumor removed from her mammary gland. (Tippy is my Roxi's bestest friend.) The vet believes it is nothing to be concerned about since it does not seem to be attached to anything. The...
  5. MyGirlRoxi

    Roxi is 5 today!

    I can hardly believe that she is 5 already! She's grown up so much in the last few years!!!! Happy Birthday, Roxi Girl!!!!
  6. MyGirlRoxi

    What to do?!?

    I need some help with this one.... Roxi is soon to be 5 years old. She's been pretty healthy, a scare this summer with her liver enzymes being out of whack, but that has passed. She has been a grazer until recently when we moved in with my sister, brother in law and their two pirahanas-er, I...
  7. MyGirlRoxi


    My name is Michelle and I am truly blessed to share my life with my girl, Roxanna (Roxi for short). She will be 5 on October 2, 2007. How fast the time goes!!! She's the center of my universe. Never have I had a dog who is more loyal, loving and do I need to say it? SILLY! She certainly...