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  1. furrykidmom

    Exactly how is it my fault? I don't understand.

    So I am sitting in the couch eating a cupcake. My boy is watching me closely but not trying to take any. When I am done I let him lick my hand clean. A few minutes later my husband starts yelling and says it is all my fault. I said I don't even know what happened. He says you let him lick the...
  2. furrykidmom

    He Peppered me!!

    So I am getting ready to leave the house and I put on my coat. My eyes start to run. I get into the car and reach for a Kleenex to wipe my eyes. I put it in my pocket and feel a paper towel. Now I feel a sneeze coming on. I grab the paper towel. It is wet. No time to assess. I sneeze. My face is...
  3. furrykidmom

    Nose Work 1 title

    Holy Crap!! I am in shock. Christos and I went to our first dog competition. Talk about nervous jitters. I trusted my dog and handled like I have never handled before and we ribboned. I can't thank my trainers and breeders enough for everything they have done for us. I never could have...
  4. furrykidmom

    Barkbox Petbox etc.

    Has anyone used any of these services? I belong to Graze Box for myself. Portion controlled yummy snacks. Convenient for work, on the go or the nervous dog handler that cannot eat. So I was on Groupon the other day and saw this Pet Box. I am constantly trying new toys and treats so I...
  5. furrykidmom

    Lure Coursing

    So excited. We get to go for his CAT in october. which is a coursing aptitude test. I am hoping this is something we can add to our activities. Currently he is active in nose work. He has passed his ORT and is preparing for his Nose Work 1 title. Shaping class has helped with some of his...
  6. furrykidmom

    Passed his CGC

    So proud of my boy. He took his CGC and passed. He tried for therapy dog in the spring but failed because he jumped on someone. He was still a pup. Still kinda is. He is 15 months old.
  7. furrykidmom

    Some great bargains for my boys

    So being involved in doggy sports can get expensive. I am one of those I must have everything people. I dont have children so my Boxers get it all. Hubby is not so happy about my spending. Yes, I am spending outside my means so he has a right. But I just cant stop so I needed another...
  8. furrykidmom

    Mamma's girl to the rescue

    so last night I went to empty my 16 month old boys anal glands. He has never been a fan but he tolerated it with some resistence. Saturday he kept dragging his butt. I imagine it is raw. I went to try to empty his glands and he went nuts. I was not even invasive. I was trying to do an...
  9. furrykidmom


    Okay. So my boy is 14 months old. We are still loving nose work. We have taken a break from agility and were still doing fly ball until last week. He has started with some people aggression so we are trying to keep him from things that can promote it. A stranger tugging at his harness to...
  10. furrykidmom

    Pet friendly lodging baltimore

    Anyone know of a pet friendly place to stay in Baltimore? Taking our boy with DM for an overnight to meet the owner of his sibling that we have been in contact with for 9 years. Need for it to be handicapped accessible also. Would prefer a bed and breakfast but will do whatever we have to...
  11. furrykidmom

    Puppy marking or DM boy losing bladder control

    I am at a loss. I can't figure out who is peeing in the house. I have not caught the culprit yet. My intact male is a year old. I have not seen him peeing in the house yet. He has been housebroken since three to four months of age with no accidents. We also have a nine year old boy with...
  12. furrykidmom

    Passed ORT

    My 10 month old boy passed his odor recognition test. We decided to test all three and passed all three. So proud of us. There were seasoned handlers with dogs who have been working anise and clove fail anise. The air flow in the room was pushing the scent to the fringe box and many people...
  13. furrykidmom

    Holy crap!! He listened

    We got out of the car the other night after agility. Next thing I know I hear Christos barking loudly. It's dark. He's dark. Can't see. Suddenly the motion lights go on. Christos is chasing 4 deer thru the yard. I yell. Holy crap. He stopped. He listened. He waited for me to come to him and then...
  14. furrykidmom

    He has discovered Heaven, He knows how to get on the bed now.

    Our little baby boy has been sleeping on a dog bed with the big kids for a couple months. Our bed is very high. You almost need a stool to get in. We got rid of the carpet years ago. Our older Boxers discovered they could get up if they used the throw rug for grip but were not comfortable...
  15. furrykidmom

    Anyone doing multiple sports with their Boxer?

    We are enrolled in Agility and Nose work and are greatly enjoying both. We are thinking about trying flyball too. Anyone doing multiple sports? What are your favorites? How and where do you train? Any feedback is appreciated. We are trying to decide whether or not to compete but I dont...
  16. furrykidmom

    Kids as a distraction for agility

    Okay, in our agility class there are three puppies and a senior dog. The owner of one of the puppies brings her children. Normally they are on the other side of the fence. They are three boys all under the age of eight. They rough house the entire time. It is loud and distracting...
  17. furrykidmom

    Boxers are so funny

    So we are at nose work last Sunday and we have advanced to scent (sweet birch) with a very small treat on top. The boxes are gone. The scent is on a magnetic lid. The room was set up with tables, chairs, wheelchairs, walkers etc. All things metal generally. The trainer hid the scent on the...
  18. furrykidmom

    Three Boxers and adding a shepherd puppy

    I am so torn. We had a German Shepherd before we had our first Boxer. She was an incredible dog. But she was a dog. Our Boxers are so different from any other breed we have ever had. Here is our current situation. We have two 8 year old Boxers. Woody who was diagnosed this summer with...
  19. furrykidmom

    A must see video true Boxer spirit

    OMG. This video is so inspiring to never give up hope. I cried. I was so touched. Look up Duncan Lou Who - I'm a Boxer Puppy, with legs of two. On YouTube You won't regret it.
  20. furrykidmom

    Adenovirus (canine hepatitis)

    HELP!!!!!!! My puppy was diagnosed with a leaking cataract. Neither parent was CERF tested because it is not a common problem in Boxers. We are trying to figure out the cause. Long story short the breeder now thinks that there was a chance that the puppy was exposed to adenovirus...