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  1. SammynDqtz

    Kennel Cough Vaccine...which is better?

    Just a quick question... my dogs will be getting their kennel cough vaccine in a couple of weeks, as they will need to be boarded for a weekend in October. To get to the question, what type of kennel cough vaccine is better/safer... the injection into the skin or having it done up their noses...
  2. SammynDqtz


    The other week I noticed my Bichon Frises eyes were a bit foggy looking, so today she was taken to the vet and he told me she has cataracts in both of her eyes. She cannot see very much now. He gave me the name of a canine eye doctor in the area, whom I will call tomorrow. He said the surgery...
  3. SammynDqtz

    A Little weight loss normal for older dogs??

    My boxer boy Sammy will be 10 years old this summer, I recently noticed his harness fits a little looser than it use to. He seems to have had a slight weight loss. He acts completely normal (eating, drinking, playing the same). I was just wondering if a little weight coming off is anything to...
  4. SammynDqtz

    Worried...Dripping urine mixed with blood

    Yesterday my 9 year old male boxer Samson started dripping urine mixed with blood around the house. He is acting completely normal in every way, no weight gain or loss or lack of desire for food or anything else out of the norm, but I'm pretty worried... he will be seeing the doctor early Friday...
  5. SammynDqtz

    What to do about loose dogs !?

    I have been pretty upset lately with the dog owners in my neighborhood. There are 2 big german shepherd mixes, 1 white boxer, 1 Cocker Spaniel, and 1 coonhound that are always coming to visit! They eat my cats food ( i have rescued feral cats that hang out on my front porch)... go potty in my...
  6. SammynDqtz

    Happy 9'th Birthday Sammy!!!

    My boxer boy Samson aka Sammy will be turning 9 years old tomorrow! I had to post today though, because I leave first thing tomorrow morning for work and won't be home til late (he'll be home with my sis though). So, today he had his turkey loaf bday cake... I got some pics too... I'll be sure...
  7. SammynDqtz

    Getting Agressive over Objects! HELP

    My 19 month old spayed female Bichon Frise goes mad lately! Here's what happens... if she gets a hold of something like a kleenex or paper or well,, anything that's not hers, she will run to her crate with it, and I will go in there to get it from her, and as I get close to the crate she will...
  8. SammynDqtz

    Garlic : How Much & How Often??

    I'd like to start adding garlic to my three dogs (boxer, mixed breed & Bichon) meals because I heard it helps keep the fleas away. Though they only have VERY few fleas, my mixed breed is VERY VERY sensitive to them and will itch ALL day (no joke). I'm not sure how much and how often to feed it...
  9. SammynDqtz

    Super price on nice doggy bed

    I got a catalog from KvVet and they have the dog bed in there I wanted to get at the pet store for half the price! Check it out:
  10. SammynDqtz

    Stolen our hearts & our home

    Some of you may have seen the thread I put up about an orange cat that needed a new home. Well, she has found one! :D She is our rescue kitty number 5! She is staying. Her name is Reagan. Her two 8 week old kittens will be getting a new place to live after they get used to being around...
  11. SammynDqtz

    How soon after having kittens can she get pregnant again?

    A sweet stray momma kitty and her two babies want to call my house home. The kittens are I guess 6 weeks old or so. They still nurse sometimes but lap the water and eat the dry kibble. I would like to re home them. But if I can somehow talk my parents into keeping the mom, I would be getting...
  12. SammynDqtz

    Sweet cat needs forever home in Alabama

    Hi all. Not sure if this is in the right forum. If it's not.... sorry mods; please correct it. I already own 4 rescue cats. And the other day another cat decided to make my home hers. I would love to keep her but my parents don't really want 5. She is solid orange, female, and very sweet...
  13. SammynDqtz

    Real Estate Agent?

    I have considered going to school and do something in real estate. I have found some online courses but I'm not totally sure about those. What's the best thing to do to get it started? From what I've heard it's a great field to get in to. If any of you are in Real Estate, I'd love to hear...
  14. SammynDqtz

    What a morning!

    Well, this morning after doing a few dishes, I thought it would be nice to hit the deck and soak in a few rays! :) 80 degrees, breezy and full sun! :D I grab my sunscreen, radio and take that out to the back deck, when I turn around to open the backdoor to grab my towels, THE DOOR IS...
  15. SammynDqtz

    16 months old & still going potty inside... please tell me there is hope!

    Hi all... my female (spayed) Bichon Frise is still going potty inside and she is 16 months old now! She quit going pee inside a while ago but she still will poo sometimes. And almost always by the backdoor, I know most of the time she has only been at the backdoor for maybe 1 minute but I'll...
  16. SammynDqtz

    3's company, 4's a crowd and 5 is too much!

    Today I loaded up ALL 3 of my fuzz babies to go to the vet for their rabies shots... boy, what a ride!! All of them and myself and my sister went in my Acura Legend! Quite a site. When we got there it was hard to contain their excitement... bout dragged me through the door! When we got in...
  17. SammynDqtz

    What else could it be!?! Still scooting!!

    My year old female Bichon Frise has been needing her anal glands emptied every month for as long as we've had her. The last time I had her glands emptied was March 30'th and the vet said that they weren't really all that full and that if the scooting starts up within the next couple weeks that...
  18. SammynDqtz

    Canon Rebel (35mm) ?

    Hi all. I am thinking about getting a Canon Rebel 35mm camera within the next few weeks. I was wondering if anyone here has one and can tell me the pros and cons of this camera. Any input would be great. Rachel :)
  19. SammynDqtz

    Anyone ordered from B-Naturals?

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not but I found some all natural products (for dogs) from this site on a search. Here's a link to a product on their site I was interested in... Has anyone ordered/heard of this place before...
  20. SammynDqtz

    Anyone read Herbs For Pets or Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats?

    I was wondering if anyone here has read Herbs For Pets or Natural Health Bible for Dogs and Cats? Both seem pretty interesting and perhaps a good read. As some of you may have seen I have a thread on the Health forum about homeopathic meds to give right after the rabies shot, given to help...