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  1. TossBranAbi

    Heart murmer supplements

    Hello all! It has been quite some time since I've been around here and I see many new names but still recognize a handful of you. I have a question and there is no better place than BW for answers. Anyhow, my Abbie girl was to the vet and she was diagnosed with a murmer, graded a 3. I asked...
  2. TossBranAbi

    Disgusting! HELP!!

    The chunk pineapple does work, used it on my dog at one point in time. I gave more than one chunk though, she loved it and it worked. I would clean up the poop right away so there is no chance of eating it but also try the pineapple because I know it is not always feasible to clean it up...
  3. TossBranAbi

    firefighters rescue Boxer

    This story gives me hope that there are still people out there who care. Very heart warming! Thanks for posting. I am glad Elmo is ok!
  4. TossBranAbi

    We lost Buddy a few hours ago

    So sorry to hear of your loss. It was a good fight. Run free handsome Buddy angelicon
  5. TossBranAbi

    A Dog's Breakfast

    Well I guess I should have checked before I posted this. Very irritated and wondering what is going on? Maybe CNBC has decided it wasn't worth their time. News Headlines I am going to search this some more to see if I can find a reason.
  6. TossBranAbi

    A Dog's Breakfast

    I saw this on another site and thought I would post it here. A Dog's Breakfast, a documentary that was aired 3 years ago in Canada will finally be aired in the US. CNBC Documentary to Examine the Pet Food Business - CNBC US - News on News Should be interesting.
  7. TossBranAbi

    Advanced Frozen Kong Recipes?

    I normally clean the fridge out and stuff the kongs with anything that is safe for the dogs. I then wedge a biscuit in the "lip" sideways so it takes a lot to get that biscuit out. More recently, I have been spreading peanut butter the whole way around the inside of the kong. Then I take a...
  8. TossBranAbi

    My boy Tito

    Run Free Tito angelicon
  9. TossBranAbi

    Hit the jackpot....or not?

    Is this ball basically the same thing as a cuz ball? made by the same company and you all describe an obnoxious squeak which describes the cuz. Brady is the exact same way Raine is with his cuz ball, it is like a pacifier to him. He even falls asleep with it in his mouth.
  10. TossBranAbi

    Vetalog question

    Thank you everyone! It means a lot. Brady came back from the vet as happy as he was when he left. His lumps were taken off using local anesthetic as well so he never missed a beat. Local is the way to go. He is healing fine and never acted like he was in any pain, sitting on the side where...
  11. TossBranAbi

    Vetalog question

    Vet just called, both lumps were BENIGN!! She gave me the names of both of them, one was a hystiocytoma and I don't remember the other. I am going to call back and have them fax me the path reports. I am so freaking excited I am shaking!
  12. TossBranAbi

    Cindel, my little trooper..

    Aww, she is such a cutie. I live the picture of her and Calypso! Glad to hear she is all sorted out and doing well now. The looks they give you make anything they do wrong and any amount of money you spend so worth it.
  13. TossBranAbi

    Question about my pups docked tail and lump

    The "belly button" does look like a tiny umbilical hernia to me which isn't a big deal. Next vet visit, have it looked at and then when she is spayed, they can fix that as well. Tha belly picture is so cute!
  14. TossBranAbi

    Update on Cash's Kidney Levels

    Yay! I love good news!
  15. TossBranAbi

    Riley Has New Symptoms

    Sending Riley BoxerWorld vibes :) Hopefully the coughing is nothing related to his heart and he continues to improve.
  16. TossBranAbi

    Ceasar needs some prayers and healing vibes!

    Glad to hear Ceasar is doing well! Sending some famous BoxerWorld vibes and slobbery kisses to him :) Love on that boy like crazy!
  17. TossBranAbi

    Sadie was just diagnosed with Lymphoma :(

    Sending some prayers and feel good vibes for Sadie. Hope she does well with her chemo today! :)
  18. TossBranAbi

    :( Cutaneous Lymphoma Back

    You will find that different vets recommend different healing procedures. My dog Brady had two lumps removed on Monday and he was sent home on antibiotics and no special instructions for his incisions, just watch for signs of infection. He was also sent home with pain medicine which I have not...
  19. TossBranAbi

    Vetalog question

    Thanks Susi. Glad you are feeling better but I am sure that gorgeous Raine helped mommy to feel better. I will update the thread when I get results.
  20. TossBranAbi

    Vetalog question

    Brady had his bumps removed on Monday. He came home jumping around and being a nut, never missed a beat. He did not have any anesthesia just a local so he acted completely normal afterward. He was sent home with cephalexin and deramaxx. He has not acted like he was in pain once so I haven't...