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  1. Murf

    8 month old boxer attacks

    We have an eight month old boxer named Rocky. He has recently been neutered (almost 10 days ago) with one major habit. He attacks us and seems to get more fired up the more you attempt to stop him. He is one of the most loving dogs there is. He is obedient as far as sit, stay, going into his...
  2. Murf

    Merrick vs Orijen

    Hi I switched my pup to wellness not to long ago and it wasn't very good (loose stools all the time ) so now I would like to start him on orijen but I am concerned about the high protein content so would merrick be a better option cuz of the lower protein?
  3. Murf


    We have a five month old puppy who seems to be having a difficult time with Wellness Puppy. He seems to have diaharrea most of the time as well as some vomiting. We have also noticed that he has been shedding more than he was about 6 weeks ago. He has never had a grain free food so we are...
  4. Murf

    posting a photo

    In the forum show off your dog i would like to put a photo in the message section i guess its a link how does one do that?.. Thanks for the help in advance
  5. Murf

    Switching over Food

    I have been slowly switching Rocky's food over and I am at the stage now where its 75% new and 25% old.Over the course of the switch he's stools have become softer but not bad but yesterday was the first day he went to the 75% new and last night he woke me up wanting to go out (which he never...
  6. Murf

    Orijen Puppy Food

    I want to switch my pup's food so I am starting to look at my different options.I know Orijen is a premium food but does this contain to much protein?Cuz I have I have read that it might cause exacerbation of musculoskeletal disorders.Just was wondering if anyone has an opinion.Btw my pup is...
  7. Murf

    Lets hear it for the Boxer!!

    Nice to see the Boxer made the AKC top breed list
  8. Murf

    Opinion's on puppy food?

    Was just wondering what people's opinion is on Royal Canin I have heard some positive and negative.Our puppy is eating it fine but was wondering if he is getting all the nutriants he should?
  9. Murf

    Chasing and biting your pantlegs and feet

    Our boxer who is 11 weeks old has this habit of chasing and biting our feet.He gets lots of exercise but we our limited because he hasn't got all of his shots yet and won't get his 3rd set until Apr 27.We correct him by distraction with his toys which he has plenty because my wife is in the...
  10. Murf

    Smartest Breed List

    Was wondering why the Boxer never made it on the Top Ten Smartest Breed's List???? Hmmmmmm..LOL....
  11. Murf

    Getting dogs name DOB etc...

    Hello I was wondering that alot of you have your dogs name DOB etc at the bottom when you post a thread.How would I do this?Does it have to do with the signature or something? Thanks
  12. Murf

    puppy biting hands and feet

    Our 8 week old puppy Rocky is coming along very nicely with crate training, housebreaking and adjusting to our schedule. However his biting of hands and feet seems to get worse every day. He seems to think it is a huge game and i am sure that it is to him but it is getting frustrating. When he...
  13. Murf

    Our new boxer Rocky

    Hello Would just like to introduce ourselves and our new boxer puppy (Rocky). He is currently 8 weeks old and is already a huge part of our family and our lives. We had been researching which type of dog to get for over 6 months and after researching in great detail we decided that the boxer...