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  1. ShariB

    Surgery Today

    Roxie went in yesterday and will be having her ureter surgery this morning. I'm a wreck worrying about her. Any spare prayers are appreciated. The surgeon explained the whole procedure and recovery. It's rough:-/ I'll update as soon as I get more info. They promised a call as soon as she...
  2. ShariB

    ectopic ureters

    Roxie has ectopic ureters. I'm so upset and devastated over this. At first we thought it was a housebreaking issue. They we thought maybe submissive or overexcited urine leaking. We had brought her into our regular vet with complaints of a drippy back end. She was treated for puppy...
  3. ShariB

    Found boxer

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, so bear with me. My good friend had a boxer wonder up to her doorstep a few days ago, collar, no tags, very rough looking (scars, very thin, flea infested, intact) She of course fell in love with him, he's such a sweetie. She took him to the vet, had...
  4. ShariB

    Little stinker

    Roxie has been very amusing this week. My manta is she's so will pass! I made her a yummy pillow set for her crate and the livingroom. She's always done well with a crate pillow. I came in yesterday to what looked like snow. She shredded all the flannel and pulled all the stuffing...
  5. ShariB

    Need AKC name help.

    I need help with an akc name. I feel so un-artistic, lol. Dad's name is High Rollin Blackjack Mom is Miss Lucy Lui Her Call name is Roxie, of course :-D we need to use her kennel name XXXXXXXX's
  6. ShariB

    Leaking Urine

    Roxie has been leaking urine since we bought her home. She is just under 14 weeks old. She was treated for puppy vaginitis with clavamox and the discharge seems to have cleared up well. But the urine drips are still an issue. Is this common in female pups, or are we looking at more of an...
  7. ShariB

    Roxie Pics

    I have some pictures of Roxie from today. She's 13 weeks. We had her at the vet and she weighed in @ 17 Lbs. Here's a few pics. Roxie pictures by apeanut400 - Photobucket
  8. ShariB

    TOTW amount ?

    We have transitioned Roxie to TOTW High Prairie formula. She was quite the little stinker and the transition happen faster then I would have liked. She physically dumped her bowl of kibble and picked through the food and ate ONLY the TOTW, leaving the Canidae behind. by the time we hit a 50/50...
  9. ShariB

    Does not like food

    Roxie is just @ 10.5 weeks old, and is 11 lbs. I browsed through the weight thread and it looks like she's a bit underweight. I can see her hip bones and her ribs (all of them). We brought her home at 6.5 weeks old and she was eating nutro. We transitioned her to Canidae ALS. I've been...
  10. ShariB

    Accident or not

    I'm not sure how to take this with Roxie. She was laying on my bed with me last night watching tv, dh came in and sat on the edge of the bed and she jumped up and growled at him, then snipped. So I took her snout closed her mouth and told her no bite. As soon as I let her go, she did it again...
  11. ShariB

    Changing food for a puppy

    The breeder has started Roxie out on nutro puppy, we would like to change her to Canidae all life stages. Should I slowly wean her onto the new food or do a straight switch?we will be picking her up at 8 weeks old. Thanks for any advice.
  12. ShariB

    Training Schedule

    We should be getting our girl Roxie in about a month. I've been reading and looking up training programs in the area for obedience. I've got my crate and leash and collar for the darling when she comes home. For house training what should my typical schedule look like? Potty breaks every...
  13. ShariB


    Hi, from South Carolina. I've stumbled across Boxer World and would love to join in. We just sent our first boxer Rocco to the Rainbow Bridge. He was an amazing dog that I will always miss. He was ill and it came on very fast. The vet said brain tumor, and it was causing grand mal seizures...