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  1. Boxer Spike

    Xander - a boxer mix shelter baby :-)

    Found this swwwweeeettttt boy at our local shelter, and was smitten! He is just such a great little guy already!
  2. Boxer Spike

    Neighbors are trying to give me a boxer pup.

    Yesterday I was outside and my neighbor approached me about the dog we have been fostering until Friday. She says she wished that she knew that we were getting another dog. I explained she is only a foster until Friday. Apparently my neighbors aunt passed away, leaving behind a 6 month old...
  3. Boxer Spike

    Kindred Spirits :-)

    My sister in law just adopted a boxer mix yesterday. We took Spikers, our boxer mix to meet her today. Instantly it was like that had both known each other their entire lives! Spike had never met another dog that introduced itself paws first like he does. It was wonderful! They played...
  4. Boxer Spike

    Let the counter surfing commence!

    Spike has really started counter surfing, except he's not tall enough to reach the counters yet. He's settled on the end tables and the dining room table. I swear if it weren't for his appearance one would think he is a pure boxer. He certainly has all the traits of them :) Any tips for...
  5. Boxer Spike

    Loose stools

    Hi all, I 'm pretty new to boxerworld and boxers. Spike is our 5 month old boxer mix we adopted from our local shelter. He was eating whatever the shelter had at the time when we brought him home about 1 1/2 months ago. We first started on Iams puppy(uh, bad choice). He consistently had...
  6. Boxer Spike

    Hello from KY!

    Hi! Just this last week we adopted a boxer mix from our local shelter. After much reading on this site prior to adoption, we decided a boxer was a perfect fit for our family! Spike our new pup is about 12 weeks old and has sooo many boxer characteristics! After only 5 days, we know we made a...