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  1. Holden's Mom

    Little Late....

    Great photos of beautiful boxer models. Thanks for sharing. Pam and Doug
  2. Holden's Mom


    So very sorry to see this thread. Know Juno runs like the wind, once again.. Pam and Doug
  3. Holden's Mom

    Rest in Peace Big Guy

    I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds as though Rocky was a your best friend; that's why it is so difficult to say goodbye. And he was a handsome fella too. Pam and Doug
  4. Holden's Mom

    Lucy and Libby

    Great rescue story. Congrats to you for saving this beautiful girl and to your parents on their new addition. Lucy is one lucky pup. Pam and Doug
  5. Holden's Mom

    Dakota is gone

    I am so sorry for the loss of your handsome Dakota. He was a looker and I am sure he led a great life. It's just the life of the boxer is never long enough. Pam and Doug
  6. Holden's Mom

    The battle of the bean bag !!

    It would break my heart to move him. He's just so comfortable and content. Great photo of your best friend. Pam and Doug
  7. Holden's Mom

    Help! Rocky was just hospitalized for 4 days :(

    So sorry Rocky is not feeling up to par. I can't help with dogs with IBD, but have experienced this with a cat. Lewis was given steroid shots to deal with the disorder, and it helped. However, it would still com and go. After dealing with the disorder for a couple of years, Lewis became very ill...
  8. Holden's Mom

    Does anyone medicate for separation anxiety?

    It takes about six weeks on Prozac to know if Skully will get some relief. While it has really helped Doug with the separation anxiety, it has done nothing for his anxiety about bicycles. He hates them. I don't think that especially strange as Autry went nuts when he saw kids on skate boards...
  9. Holden's Mom

    Does anyone medicate for separation anxiety?

    In the past. for night's out more than a couple of hours, we have hired a dog sitter. I should add that Doug is crated. In the beginning Doug would break out of the crate. We used ties and he still escaped the collapsible crate. We have since switched to the old style wire crate and use a lock...
  10. Holden's Mom

    Does anyone medicate for separation anxiety?

    Doug has separation anxiety, especially when crated. We first tried amitriptyline. I had very good luck with it with cats, but it didn't help Doug very much. Then we went with Prozac, and it has helped immensely. We are currently trying to wean him off of the drug because of his progress when...
  11. Holden's Mom

    The hardest goodbye - Darla

    Darla was a beautiful girl. I am so sorry for your loss. Godspeed sweet Darla. Pam and Doug
  12. Holden's Mom

    Nerve pain

    I have no experience with it, however my brother had a doxie who benefitted from laser light therapy. Here is a link about this therapy used on humans and animals. Towards the end of the article is the mention of veterinarians using this therapy...
  13. Holden's Mom

    10 years just wasn't enough

    I am so sorry for your loss of Brutus. It's the daily routine and the crazy antics that you miss so much when they leave. It just hurts. Godspeed dear Brutus. Pam and Doug
  14. Holden's Mom

    Skully and Arabella are ready for Easter!

    Too cute for words. I hope the Easter Bunny brought them some good treats. Pam and Doug
  15. Holden's Mom

    We have made the very difficult decision to let Roxy go

    I an so sorry. I wish you at least had a true diagnosis of Roxy's health. You have made the right decision as neither you or Roxy can go on in this matter. What is really sad is Roxy likely knows something is dreadfully wrong and can't understand why. Of course, neither can you or I. Thinking...
  16. Holden's Mom

    We are back and did not get the news we were hoping for

    Such good news that you are seeing improvement. That's a very good sign. Pam and Boug
  17. Holden's Mom

    We are back and did not get the news we were hoping for

    I an so sorry Roxy is getting no relief. Her symptoms and the quickness of her failing is so very similar to Autry. The harness should help some on taking her for a walk. It will allow you to steady her so that she will fall toward you. It is so sad to see your best friend fail, and really the...
  18. Holden's Mom

    We are back and did not get the news we were hoping for

    Just reading this and thinking of our Autry. Very similar symptoms and quick progression. We took Autry to Auburn's vet school for an MRI and the diagnosis was a very fast growing brain tumor. Surgery was not really an option, as it was thought by the neurosurgeon to buy only about six months...
  19. Holden's Mom

    Boxer BRAG! Mac celebrated his 14th birthday!!!!

    Wow! Fourteen is a great age. A belated happy birthday to such a handsome fella. birthdayicon Pam and Doug
  20. Holden's Mom

    Oh so much nicer than a snowman

    This is a work of art. Just beautiful. Pam and Doug