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    Running Away

    Two dogs We do make sure the gate is closed all the time, but we have a four year old, and 8 yr old, that at times forget to close the gate behind them.
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    Running Away

    Our boxer is 20 months old, and she likes to be wherever we are, we have her out front on a leash when we are out front, and when in the back yard she can run. She is usually good about staying in the back yard when we open the gate, but lately she just takes off running, and won't come back...
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    What age do they get past the chewing stage? My boxer will sneak in daughter's room and take there stuff and chew it up, hats, any ball she can find. Toys, hair things, dolls, even if they lay something down and forget it, she will chew on it. I try to keep there things picked up but doesn't...
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    Pulling on kids clothes

    My boxer Lily is 8 months old, and she loves all our kids. She is never aggressive with any of them. But when they go outside to play and she is out there too, she will jump on them and take there hats, mittens, scarfs, whatever she can get and then run away, and want them to chase her. I think...
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    Letting us know she needs to go out

    Our girl is 8 months old, and will not use bells, or make noise. I have just recently figured out that when she jumps up by us, and gets in our face, she needs to go outside. So we will ask her if she has to go potty, and she will paw at us. Other times when we are not sitting down, she will...
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    What is your boxers favorite toy? Need ideas

    As a first time boxer owner I am trying to find toys she enjoys and last more than a few hours. Lily enjoys chewing on her toys and tearing them apart. She likes squeaky balls, and toys that make noise, what good toys have you found last for your boxer? Thanks so much. Wasn't sure where to...
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    Seven months and still going potty in house, please help!!!

    This is our first boxer, we live in a raised ranch house, and mainly use the upstairs. We do take Lily downstairs to go outside, she will ring her bells on the door, if I am standing there. She is not vocal unless she wants to a toy under the couch, or to play with her sister. She will go...
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    Hi, from Illinois

    Hi, I am a first time boxer owner. Lily is 7 month old flashy brindle, and a joy to our family. We also have a 11 yr old Lasha Poo named Maggy. Lily is a wonderful addition to our family. I am excited to get to know and understand this breed better, and the joy they bring to family. Thanks...