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  1. TossBranAbi

    Heart murmer supplements

    Hello all! It has been quite some time since I've been around here and I see many new names but still recognize a handful of you. I have a question and there is no better place than BW for answers. Anyhow, my Abbie girl was to the vet and she was diagnosed with a murmer, graded a 3. I asked...
  2. TossBranAbi

    A Dog's Breakfast

    I saw this on another site and thought I would post it here. A Dog's Breakfast, a documentary that was aired 3 years ago in Canada will finally be aired in the US. CNBC Documentary to Examine the Pet Food Business - CNBC US - News on News Should be interesting.
  3. TossBranAbi

    Vetalog question

    In another post I said how I found a lump on Brady's leg and I have been researching options. At first I just wanted it gone, surgically removed and hopefully get a good path report. Now since looking at options and the success that Susi has had with Cami and the Vetalog injections, I am...
  4. TossBranAbi

    Brady needs some vibes

    I found a pencil eraser sized bump on his back leg last night. I made a vet appointment for him to go Tuesday and I know the bump is going to need removed, I want it gone. I know as well as anyone to not panic and that a MCT is ok as long as they get clean margins but this is the first time...
  5. TossBranAbi

    I need Christmas present ideas, they have everything already!

    I cannot figure out what to get my pups for Christmas! I only like durable toys as they just shred the stuffed toys, like I am sure most of you are well aware of. They have the usual Kongs, Orkas, Cuz balls, Non-edible nylabones, etc, etc. They do not have any of the orbee toys so that may...
  6. TossBranAbi

    Activated Charcoal?

    I found these biscuits online and am curious about the ingredients? Campfire Dog Biscuits
  7. TossBranAbi

    Community cats program!

    A local animal welfare society is in the running for a grant for $25,000 to be able to spay/neuter approximately 625 community (feral) cats. This grant is greatly needed as we have an over abundance of feral cats and around here, people just shoot them to keep them from multiplying. Over...
  8. TossBranAbi

    You guys see the Danbury Mint Christmas cards?

    I got samples of them in the mail the other day. There are 4 and 3 of those are of the standard Simon Mendez prints but there is one with 3 boxers curled up on Santa sleeping. It is so adorable and what makes it even better, 2 of the boxers are grey faced babies. I was going to scan them for you...
  9. TossBranAbi

    RIP Angel Collie

    OMG, I feel so bad. I hit a dog today :( I came up around a bend in the road and as soon as I did, I saw a dog dart out of a driveway, right in front of my car. There was no way I could stop. It was evident she had just got loose because I saw her dragging her chain and she was running full...
  10. TossBranAbi


    So I am in Florida for spring break. Came down with the MBA program from my University and we are doing educational things so it really isn't a spring break other than we left the cold weather of Pennsylvania for the currently wet and windy weather of Florida. However, some of the people have...
  11. TossBranAbi

    Need some help, aggression issues...

    So for the past week now, Brady is acting aggressive towards Dozer. Dozer is an in your face, go all out type of dog and he annoys me sometimes because of how he acts in that respect and every now and again Brady would warn Dozer when he was in his face but no big deal. They will be fine and...
  12. TossBranAbi

    Dolce Gusto

    I was wondering if anyone here has used or tasted the drinks from the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine? From what I understand it has been available in the UK for sometime now which is why I am asking here. It was just introduced to us here in the US about 2 months ago. Reviews online are very...
  13. TossBranAbi

    Ugh...professional pictures (long)

    So I signed up a couple of weeks ago for an Olan Mills pet event. There was a $10 sitting fee and a free 8X10 if you made an appointment that day. Well today was our day... Imagine, 3 boxers in a Kmart store surrounded with other dogs waiting to get their picture taken. There was another...
  14. TossBranAbi

    Cell Phones

    What cell phone do you have and do you like it? Are you addicted to your cell? I am laying here in bed, surfing BW from my cell phone just wondering what everyone thought about their cell phone and its usage. I have a blackberry pearl, going to get the new blackberry storm when it...
  15. TossBranAbi

    Nail changing color?

    One of Abbie's toenails is changing color. It was white and is turning dark red/brown. It started up at the beginning of the nail and is slowly going down towards the tip. It doesn't bother her. What could it be? I was thinking yeast infection but she isn't chewing on her feet or anything.
  16. TossBranAbi

    crazy dogs!

    We just bought a house almost two months ago and we are doing a lot of miscellaneous work here and there. The past week were were re-doing our downstairs bathroom. Gutted it and started from scratch. In doing this, the dogs were in the way and it was too hot to let them go outside so we put them...
  17. TossBranAbi

    Bengal cat

    Does anyone have one or know someone who has one? I researched them about a year ago and fell in love with the breed. Have been wanting one since but I am not buying from a breeder and they aren't popular around here so there aren't any in rescues. I have the chance to get one from a guy who...
  18. TossBranAbi


    I read in another thread about a member using Prozyme. Does it do the same thing yogurt does or more? I read what I could find about it but that wasn't much. I give my pups yogurt in their kongs so would adding the prozyme help, hurt, or have no effect? Thanks!
  19. TossBranAbi

    I have had it... (long)

    We just bought a house and tomorrow we will have been here for 2 weeks. We knew we were going to put another fence up here. we had a 4' chainlink fence at the old place but we have to get higher for here because everyonce in awhile Abbie would climb over (only if she saw me walking through the...
  20. TossBranAbi

    Pittsburgh People

    Is anyone going to the Animal Friends Mutt Strut? I just found out about it am interested in going. It is just a little over an hour away but it is for a good cause so I am thinking about it. I just have to talk Stephen into it... It is this Sunday (May 18th) at Riverfront Park at...