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  1. ShariB

    Jaw bone

    I hope it's not serious. Lots of thoughts for you
  2. ShariB

    Surgery Today

    She's being a tough patient. She's making the nurses fawn all over her...and getting them to feed her by hand. She's gotten them to give her canned food too. The catheter didn't come out today. Her urine was still dark with blood. It is supposed to be getting removed in the morning, then they...
  3. ShariB

    Surgery Today

    And the update. It wasn't ureters after all, they did cut into her bladder to make sure they were routed correct anyway. The issues were her bladder was very far down in her pelvis and not where it should be in her abdomen. Creating pressure and making her leak urine. She also has a mis shaped...
  4. ShariB

    Surgery Today

    She's still in surgery. I'm waiting on pins and needles...they said they were closing now and she will be in there for another 30 minutes. Then the surgeon will call me as soon as she wakes up and is in recovery.
  5. ShariB

    Surgery Today

    Roxie went in yesterday and will be having her ureter surgery this morning. I'm a wreck worrying about her. Any spare prayers are appreciated. The surgeon explained the whole procedure and recovery. It's rough:-/ I'll update as soon as I get more info. They promised a call as soon as she...
  6. ShariB

    Lap dog no more :(

    Roxie is still small at just shy of 30# she is a perfect fit in my lap. Rocco bless his heart at close to 90# thought he was still my lap dog.
  7. ShariB

    Presenting Her Highness Abigail !

    She's such a cutie patootie! Enjoy her.
  8. ShariB

    Pee dribbles/Vent

    (((hugs))) I know how frustrating the pee drips are. I hope it can be resolved for you.
  9. ShariB

    ectopic ureters

    We are lucky enough with a few cut backs to be able to afford the surgery. Most extras that dh and I spend on ourselves will be cut. And I'm thankful we don't have to cut into kids activities. Thing like hair appointments every 6 weeks, eating out twice a week, cleaning lady, date nights ( cut...
  10. ShariB

    ectopic ureters

    Roxie has ectopic ureters. I'm so upset and devastated over this. At first we thought it was a housebreaking issue. They we thought maybe submissive or overexcited urine leaking. We had brought her into our regular vet with complaints of a drippy back end. She was treated for puppy...
  11. ShariB

    Diesel is home! Finally!

    Oh my cuteness! What an adorable little wiggle butt!
  12. ShariB

    Daisy Broke her leg

    ((((Hugs))) Wishing Daisy a very speedy recovery.
  13. ShariB

    Tyson starts school on the 15th

    We are doing our class beginner class again. This time I'm bringing my eldest son with me. She enjoys class a lot. This time around it's just two puppies. An hour a week.
  14. ShariB

    the impacts of boxer drool

    Ha! Sounds like a day in my life too. This gave me such a smile to start my day with.
  15. ShariB

    Walking Vs. Trip to store

    Too cute! Roxie gets very tired out from the feed store too. She gets so much attention.
  16. ShariB

    Found boxer

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, so bear with me. My good friend had a boxer wonder up to her doorstep a few days ago, collar, no tags, very rough looking (scars, very thin, flea infested, intact) She of course fell in love with him, he's such a sweetie. She took him to the vet, had...
  17. ShariB

    My guy chewed one of DHs shoes!

    At least they were repairable! I'd tell him, he left them out and you were nice enough to drop them to get fixed;-). Rocco had a thing for shoes, except they were always mine, and never fixable. Lol
  18. ShariB

    Woo Woo confession

    I'm guilty of it as well. Love her little face when I woowoo at her!
  19. ShariB

    Does anyone know a good site for doggie coats?

    Can you knit or crochet? Or know someone who can. There are some adorable pattern on yarn and they're free.
  20. ShariB

    Thor is having a pancreatitis relapse.

    Wishing Thor a speedy recovery! Slupry boxer kisses from Roxie <3