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  1. myrocky

    Help!! Where can I find chicken Necks/backs? Cols OHIO??

    There is a farmer's type market in the city called . You can get supplies there. Please also think about joining some local raw feeders yahoo groups for your area. You will be able to get feed back and information geared to your location.
  2. myrocky

    Markus January 26,1994 - April 9,2005

    Jan, I'm so sorry that this is late in getting to you. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.
  3. myrocky

    Chicken Necks

    I remove the skin when I make the individual servings. The skin on the neck comes off really easily and should not take you too long. To skin and package 40lbs of necks doesn't even take me an hour.
  4. myrocky

    Goodbye Chase

    Mandy, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's one of the hardest things to ever go through. Sending lots of healing vibes your way.
  5. myrocky

    Just want to share

    Cami, There are some great discussion boards out there that deal with this topic. If you google "childfree" you should be able to find some. :) A lot of people have been in similar situations and will offer excellent support. I'm sorry that you are going through this.
  6. myrocky

    Reluctantly switching back to kibble

    Oh you have the broken shoulder! I thought you meant your dog had a broken shoulder. :p What about premade raw?
  7. myrocky

    Baxter Mann - A true hero laid to rest

    Aimee, I am so sorry for your loss. I have been through that situation too and it is indeed a most difficult one. I'm so glad to hear that you had three wonderful days (complete with wonderful food!) with Baxter. I send lots of healing energy your way. Take care Baxter! There are lots of...
  8. myrocky

    Looking for a dog Park In Columbus, Ohio

    Just so I'm understanding right in order to let your dog play at the Paws Park you have to: Pay $150 for the annual fee plus $5 every time you come to use the park? And the park is only open two days a week?
  9. myrocky

    1 yr old suddenly can't get enough to drink

    I agree with Jan, take your dog to the vet and have some tests run. Drinking a lot of water could also be a sign that something is amiss with the kidneys.
  10. myrocky

    Bark Park Westerville Ohio

    What does "up to date" on shots mean to them? Rabies is the only vacc required by law, so if the dog is utd in regards to rabies shots is that fine, I wonder? Or are they referring to other vaccines? My dog is not vaccinated expect for rabies. He is a very healthy dog. I would be really...
  11. myrocky


    Please post your introduction in the introduction forum. The rules state that this is to be done before any other posts are made.
  12. myrocky

    Is Asaragus okay to feed?

    Rocky loves asparagus. :D He also likes pineapple and coconut. :)
  13. myrocky

    Considering barf

    The chicken necks aren't cooked. ;) Those are fed raw, everything in the barf diet is fed raw. I order the premade stuff from the Ohio company because some things I have not found a place where I can purchase it. For premade stuff I get beef organs, tripe, rabbit, lamb and cornish game hen...
  14. myrocky

    Happy Birthday Andie

    Thanks everyone! :D I had an excellent birthday weekend! :)
  15. myrocky

    Urgent Rescue Needed

    Kristi, this forum is only for approved rescues to post dogs that they have available for adoption. It is not for petfinder ads, newpaper ads, or for people who are rehomeing their dog. Please contact a local rescue near you about this boxer. You can check to locate one. :)
  16. myrocky

    My vet says they took away the proheart shot?

    Eva, heartworm meds *do not* prevent a dog from getting heartworms. The pill is a monthly wormer. It gets in the system and kills already existing larva, if any are present. Heartworms take a full 6mos. to develope in the dog, so either she was vomiting up all of the pills or she had an...
  17. myrocky

    Another Sleepless Night!

    You can add things to his crate all you want, that won't solve the problem of the fact that 1. he's lonely 2. you are isolating him away from the pack and 3. he's a baby. I am not suggesting that you let a 9wk. old roam around free upstairs. Your puppy needs to be with you, *always*, not just...
  18. myrocky

    Foods your dog should NEVER eat....?

    Most likely it's because garlic is part of the onion family and onion is a no no so they just throw garlic in there to be safe. You can ask you vet what food he/she recommends and if he/she has some at his/her practice read the ingredients. I can almost guarantee garlic or garlic powder (or...
  19. myrocky

    Foods your dog should NEVER eat....?

    Garlic is not bad for dogs. Yes it's in the same family as the onion but it's not nearly as potent. Please do a search here on garlic for more information. :)
  20. myrocky

    Louisiana, Male Young looking for a home

    Only approved rescues are able to post about dogs that they have available. Contacting the local rescue is the way to handle this situation. :)