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  1. Krikkit

    Just go out!

    It's winter here and the temps are well below normal - about 6 deg C this morning. The Boxers and the token Boxer seem to be on a strike about the weather. The last time anyone went outside was 4.00pm yesterday - so that's about 17 hours inside! I open the door every 15 minutes and they just...
  2. Krikkit

    Avacado recipies?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has recipes for Avacado dishes they could share? We have around 20 here that will all ripen within the next day or two. They are one of those things I've never really known what to do with, besides spreading them on toast or throwing them in a salad. Thanks...
  3. Krikkit

    Eurovision anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone else watches the Eurovison song contest? Am a long time Eurovision fan - ever since ABBA won (when I was a very young child ;) ). It's considered pretty dorky here but most people I know follow it :) URL: Sharon
  4. Krikkit

    The Pack minus One

    My babies :) They are always lovely when resting LOL Amy was out of the range of the camera, but as she had her own special photo in her morning chair I don't think she minds :) Sharon
  5. Krikkit

    Early Morning Meditation

    Amy, our sun lover, willing the sun to rise faster :) It is hard to get a photo of her like this, she generally only has two speeds, flat out or complete sleep - not often she gets the chance to...
  6. Krikkit

    Amy's fun Easter (AAC)

    We had a double agility competition over Easter and Amy did so well. She gained her AAC title (Australian Agility Championship) - she needed one Gamblers and one Snooker and quallied in both events on the weekend with a 2nd and a 3rd. Thank goodnees both events were on early in the day, it was...
  7. Krikkit

    Bindi gets Drive

    When Bindi told us she wanted to live with us, we said okay, on the condition she earn her living by becoming an agility dog. She has been in training and everything is really clicking with her. She is quite insecure and inclined to be very clingy when not confident - but she has really been...
  8. Krikkit

    Convert just about anything

    Found a website for conversions that I thought others may be interested in :) I have to convert "things" frequently and so far this site has done everything - sure beats using the calculator or doing a web search. I figure a place that will convert a cubic cubit...
  9. Krikkit

    Bowen Therapy

    Just wondering if any had experience with Bowen Therapy? We have a practitioner in our area now (a 'real' one). A couple of our doggy friends have had treatments done on thier babies and are really happy - and to me, the results so far look very good, especially on a boy who recently had...
  10. Krikkit

    Happy 10th Birthday Bella

    Our wonderful Bella is 10 birthdayic Time goes far to fast - it seems only yesterday she joined our family and stole our hearts. Happy Birthday sweet girl ~ we love you more than words can say lovicon partyicon This is Bella's webpage , showing her off, because it's her birthday...
  11. Krikkit

    TV - Kommissar Rex (Inspector Rex)

    Just wondering if anyone else watches Inspector Rex? It is one of our favourite shows - my husband really does not like much on television at all but will not miss this :) It is about some detectives with their police dog Rex (GSD). Quite funny - Rex does some great tricks (and is even...
  12. Krikkit

    Can I keep him?

    Bella had a wonderful time last night. It was puppy pre-school night - we take Bella to do an obedience demo and to have her mix with pups and to do some 'how to greet a dog' training with adults and children. She always loves this but last night was special. We had just got through the...
  13. Krikkit

    Bring the Ladder! And HURRY!

    Amy chased a Goanna up a tree 10 minutes ago. Here she is waiting for back up :) Sharon
  14. Krikkit

    Sit = Please

    We finally have a digital camera and I was just playing around with the record feature. Got a short clip of Ruben and Bindi living in hope that I will pull some treats out of the fridge :) Saved the video in two formats, .avi, and . wmv as I don't know what people can open - I don't even know...
  15. Krikkit

    Silver Layla's Sand Pit Woes

    Our Boxers love the sand pit on hot summer days and will dig down to get the damp sand. Unfortunatley for Layla, she had just got comfy and Ruben came along to dig his own hole and threw sand all over her: She is looking a little ticked off with...
  16. Krikkit

    UK TV - Faking It

    Do any UK members watch "Faking It"? If so, on Feb 17 they are featuring dog training (Heelwork to Music). It sounds like fun :) AgilityNet has an insiders story on the show: Sharon
  17. Krikkit

    Boxer Valentine Card

    Have had to play around with Publisher and Acrobat for work, so started on something I like (that would be Boxers of course). Made a Valentine card you are welcome to download and use. It's in PDF format and is 120 kb - it prints fine here. Should print on either A4 or Letter sized paper...
  18. Krikkit

    Working, working, working ....

    When I'm working the dogs generally just laze around. But this afternoon Amy kept trying to get my attention. First she sits, then she drops, then rolls over, then sits again, then drops. I'm just telling 'good girl' and giving the odd pat and trying to get on with things. Then she brings...
  19. Krikkit

    Guess the breed

    Have finally got a couple of pics of our new family member, Bindi. Bindi came to us as a rescue but decided to adopt us all :) The Boxers adore her, Layla especially. Actually I think Layla thinks that Bindi is her dog :) Bindi looking alert...
  20. Krikkit

    Kennel on Wheels

    This is our dog car, complete with dogs :) For those into cars it's a Holden V6 Ute with a high top canopy. We had to remove the back cab window in the ute and get one made that opened so we could feed the air conditioning into the...