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    Inducing newborn Baby 2 my 2 Monsters

    Hey everyone Im hoping some of you's have a experience in Inducing a newborn baby to my two little monsters. I found out to day Im expecting a baby girl :) in January and im trying to think of ways in getting Frank and Roxy ready for the new arrival. Frank and Roxy will be 1 years old...
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    Crying and yelping

    hey, im really worried my Frank he's 8 months old now and in the past week or to I feel like he's not himself lately he's gone very quite and withdrawn. He was neutered about a month ago so I figured it was that. But in the past week he's starting to cry and yelp in the evening when he's...
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    hey everyone, I've been reading up on all the health issues lately and was wondering if anyone can help me recognise some of the signs to look out for if my pups have allergies. I don't think they have any problems and there vet thinks there very healthy, but Id just like to find out what would...
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    Hey guys I was just wondering about weight issues i was looking at the posts for different weights,Frank and Roxy are 4 months Frank weighs 28 lbs and Roxy bout 23 lbs is this alright for there age there ribs are visible but inever really thought much off it till now I thought I was normal as...
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    food do`s and donts tips would be a great help

    hey guys just wondering if any one could help i`ve been reading up everything about boxers and there diet on all sorts of sites but they all say different things.... (help) ive to boxer pupies there just 4 months, ive been feeding them some dry mix i get fro the vets i also give them veg and...
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    hello from Ireland

    hello Im new to join the site. Ive recently just got to beautiful boxers called Roxy and Frank there just going on 4 months. its my first time to have this breed and find this site really helpful getting loads of tips and tricks in training them both.