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  1. apollosdad

    Large growth on Apollo's lip

    Hi all, Been quite some time since I have been on the boards. I'm concerned about a growth that I recently noticed on my 12-year old, Apollo. I have attached a picture. I plan on taking him to the vet and having it checked out. Apollo doesn't seemed phased by it as he still eats and drinks...
  2. apollosdad

    Seeking possible dry food alternative?

    Hello All, It's been quite some time that I have been on the forum and I hope all of my old furry friends are doing well. :) I had a quick question regarding dry food and any possible relation to it causing a dog to shed more than hair than normal? I've fed Apollo the Solid Gold line of...
  3. apollosdad

    sudden strange behavior - need moderators' help

    i'm going to ask for the advice of seasoned veteran boxer owners and moderators on this one: after playing at the dog park yesterday, apollo began to act a bit peculiar in the car on the ride home. he is normally tired out and sleeps on the way home, but yesterday he sat with his hind-end on...
  4. apollosdad

    apollo's first point

    i'm very happy to post that my boy, apollo, won his first point at his first dog show this past weekend! he placed first in the "open fawn" category. needless to say that dad is very pleased. ;)
  5. apollosdad

    any vets specializing in boxers in either chicago or indiana?

    i'm not sure if this is the correct post to run this or not, so if not please forgive me. i'm looking to switch vets after my last visit with my present one. i live in northwest indiana, very near the illinois/indiana border. i'm also considered to be in the chicagoland metropolitan area...
  6. apollosdad

    Schutzhund Training in Chicago area?

    Can anyone help me out with suggesting a respectable Schutzhund Trainer in the Chicagoland area. I am located in NW Indiana, but I'm very near the Windy City. I figure my chances of finding a good trainer are better in a larger metropolitan area than in Indiana. Any help would be greatly...
  7. apollosdad

    dog trick books

    can anyone suggest a good book for teaching dog tricks? i've been looking into a few but there are so many, i thought i'd ask and get a few other opinions. i'm leaning towards the Dog Tricks for Dummies book.
  8. apollosdad

    schutzhund training books

    can anyone suggest a good book on teaching schutzhund to boxers?
  9. apollosdad


    i currently use a shampoo with a blend of oatmeal and baking soda for apollo. i was wondering if anyone out there has tried various shampoos and found one that works well with boxers specifically? he does well on it and has no obvious allergies to it or anything else for that matter. just...
  10. apollosdad

    eye goobers?

    i was wondering if eye goobers, as i call them, are to be expected in the boxer breed? i had heard that from someone before, but after joining BW and reading and doing reesearch on my own, i have learned not to take what someone says as fact until i find out for myself. it seems as if apollo...
  11. apollosdad

    combining two same-brand premium foods

    I've read the numerous posts regarding the premium foods listed on the WDJ list and have recently completed the transition from Pro Plan to Solid Gold Mmillennia. Apollo is doing well and his stools are definitely firmer. I have noticed that some people comment that they rotate their dog's...
  12. apollosdad

    The World of the Boxer Book

    I just received my copy of the "The World of the Boxer" Book by Richard Tomita and I can't believe how informative and full of great pictures it is. Three years ago, I had done my research prior to deciding that the Boxer breed was the ideal one for me. I had spoken to several breeders and...
  13. apollosdad

    pink in between paws?

    i recently noticed that my boxer's paws have some pink in between. it's more noticeable since he has white socks on all four of his paws and the contrast with his white markings make them a bit more obvious. he is not itching, nor does he seem to be bothered in any way, i was just wondering if...
  14. apollosdad

    good obedience schools in northwest indiana?

    i was wondering if anyone in the northwest indiana area, and by northwest i mean lake county, that has had a good experience with some training facility which they would highly recommend? i have taken my boxer to puppy pre-school, basic obedience, and he is currently in advanced obedience. i...
  15. apollosdad

    any highly recommended obedience classes in chicago?

    i was wondering if anyone in the chicagoland area has had a good experience with some training facility which they would highly recommend? i have taken my boxer to puppy pre-school, basic obedience, and he is currently in advanced obedience. i really enjoy taking him to class as well as...
  16. apollosdad

    ear taping at ten months old

    i was just curious if it is too late to tape up a ten month old boxers ears? his ears were done back when he was 9 weeks old and i followed the vet's taping routine religiously. his ears stand fully erect as they should, except for one of his ears tip's tends to flop at the very tip. most...
  17. apollosdad


    i was just curious to fiind out how much other people's boxers shed? my boxer is ten months old and seems to shed a bit too much compared to other boxers i have owned. although the breed's coat is short, he seems to leave a good amount of hair behind. i brush him every three to four days with...
  18. apollosdad

    switching from purina pro plan to solid gold mmillennia

    this upcoming weekend i'll be starting the switch from purina pro plan to solid gold's mmillennia dog food. also bought the seameal to supplement it as well. can't wait to see how apollo is going to react, but hopefully it will all be positive. going to start him off on a 25%/75% mix to make...
  19. apollosdad

    where to buy super-premium dog food in Chicago's south-suburbs and Northwest Indiana

    Hello to all the BW members. I was recently doing some research on switching dog foods from Purina Pro Plan to Solid Gold and came across the Whole Dog Journal's list of dog foods. After reading various forums pertaining to this topic I had noticed that many people have a hard time finding the...
  20. apollosdad

    upcoming boxer bashes for 2005 in indiana

    i would not mind organizing boxer bashes in indiana for the spring of 2005. i am located in the nw corner of indiana, near gary. there is a dog park in lowell, indiana (inside lemon lake county park) that provides a total of 10 acres for dogs to run and play in. the cost for each dog is $2...