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  1. SophieboxerX

    Questions re: female's first heat

    Sophie is 9mos old and is now going through her first heat. This if my first experience going through this...(as well as her) I haven't read a whole lot on it...but I know the basics. Sophie started to bleed a little (here and there) that was 4days ago. She's still bleeding (not a lot but...
  2. SophieboxerX

    Kind of gross...but i need some ideas please

    I'm not sure if this is the right Forum to put this under but..... This might be kind of gross to some but I am at a loss for ideas. Sophie is now 6months old...and (*squirm*) she likes to eat her own poop! :P I had thought it was just a puppy thing, and when she started it we used treats to...
  3. SophieboxerX

    I think Sophie has kennel cough...what can I give her

    My baby started hacking/gaging yesterday morning...while we were getting up. She seemed to be okay though once the day started, and she was active and i really didn't notice a whole lot more of it mid-morning. Well late yesterday evening I came home to a whole lot more hacking/gaging as if she...
  4. SophieboxerX

    6 month old Sophie has diarrhea

    My poor baby Sophie started having loose stool...pudding consistency and sneezing. It started a couple days after we visited the dog park, last week, so I'm thinking she picked something up there. She was to the vet, and we started her on antibiotics.The vet also gave me 2 cans of special...
  5. SophieboxerX

    Fate...Sophie's story

    July 23/05 would be the beginning of the rest of Sophie's more foster homes for her :) It was fate that day as my fiance and I arrived to his baseball tournament. One of the other guys on his team and his girlfriend arrived shortly after us and had with them this little brindle...
  6. SophieboxerX

    A big hello from Canada

    Sophie and I just want to say hello to all the boxers and boxer lovers. Sophie is a Boxer cross 3/4 boxer and 1/4 rottweiler. She was a rescue. We got her at 8wks old and now she is 5 months. It's my first dog (as i've always had cats) and we are having lots of fun together teaching eachother...