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  1. Dunkin

    My Timmy and Gracey

    Hello everyone, I just want to tell everyone alittle about my newest additions...Timmy came to us back in the summer just a couple of monthes after losing Maggie to cancer. I recieved a call from a friend that knows my love for the breed. He said his boss had bought a boxer puppy for his...
  2. Dunkin

    Hello again

    Hello all, It has been such a long time since I posted. I thought I would re-introduce myself. It seems that there are so many new ones here. Alot has changed since I left. Anyway my name is Sheila and I live here in Oklahoma with my Hubby and now 16 yr. old daughter. We lost Maggie this year to...
  3. Dunkin

    I'm back!!

    Hello all, It seems like a life time ago when I was last here. My computor has been so messed up (still not 100%) But I am back for the moment. So much has happened since I last talked to you guys. So just a quik catch up...We went to court over my Granddaughter Things did not go well. It...
  4. Dunkin

    20 boxers on petfinder!!!!

    I am just sick I wish I had not looked. I was just wasteing time (to keep from cleaning house)I went to petfinder/Tulsa and found 20 purebreds and I do not know how many boxer mixes on there. Surely someone in this area could help some of them out. They all look so sweet. I have 4 of my own and...
  5. Dunkin

    pictures of Terri Lynn

    I have posted a few pictures of Terri Lynn and Alyssa at RIP my sweet angelicon Terri Lynn 3/12/84-3/12/07
  6. Dunkin

    ever had this happen???

    OK I hope everyone is sitting down because I have a new one...Einstien had to go to the vet. today. It seems his penis got stuck!!! He was acting funny this morning like he was hurting I felt him all over and didn't feel anything but when I ran my hand down his chest between his front legs he...
  7. Dunkin

    I need advice!!!

    PLEASE someone tell me I am not going crazy!! Most of you know I lost my sweet baby girl (23 yrs old) last month in a car wreck. Well her ex-husband is a jerk. He gave up custody of their little girl without a fight (traded her and the car for a set of Barbie Dolls) YES you read that right...
  8. Dunkin

    ?'s about Tick fever???

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to pull myself out of this black hole I have been in since the death of my daughter. Thinking all would get better low and behold Jazzy comes down with tick fever!! I have NEVER had a dog with this. I took her to the vet and she is doing better. But her eyes...
  9. Dunkin

    What Terri would have wanted!

    Well knowing that Terri Lynn would not have wanted me to hide away and sleep the rest of my life away. I finally got up and took the babies for a walk. (DH and DD have been doing it) It is such a beautiful day we thought we would play in the feild next to the house for awhile. Jazz found a big...
  10. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

    It has been awhile since I have been on but now I need to talk. I know this is going to be long but please bear with me. You see on March 1st 2007 I got the phone call every parent has nightmares about getting. My sweet Daughter Terri Lynn and her 2 yr. old baby had been in a horriable car...
  11. Dunkin

    cut off ear!!

    Did anyone else see a piece on the news,(I beieve it was in Washington State) where a women took her small dog to the groomers and when it came home it was acting strange. She got to looking and it's ear had some blood on it so she got a bowl of water to soak it's ear. The ear floated away! They...
  12. Dunkin

    Help Please!!!

    Something is wrong with Maggie! She started throwing up yesterday. I thought she had gotten into some scrapes and they did not agree with her. She threw up something that looked like a piece of wood about an inch long and as big around as my thumb. She threw up off and on all night just a clear...
  13. Dunkin

    I am insane!!

    Well I finally made it! I am boxer insane
  14. Dunkin

    Einstien cleans the floors!!

    I decided yesterday morning to go into town and pick up some cleaning supplies. I crated all the dogs except Einstien I gated him in the bathroom because he has had an upset tummy since eating the toys last week. He decided the floors needed cleaned so he pulled the water line to the toilet out...
  15. Dunkin

    Need advise ASAP!

    I just got home from doing laundry (my machine is broke) My DD was supose to be watching the dogs but she did not watch close enough. Einstien seems to have chewed up some faom letters (the kind kids play with in the bath tub) now he is very listless and just seem to feel really bad. What can I...
  16. Dunkin

    doing the banking!

    I loaded all 4 babies this morning and set off for a morning of paying bills. Our first stop was the bank. (we have just started using this bank about 2 monthes ago)The tellers all came running up to the window to see the babies. One of them stoped me as I went to leave. Can the babies have a...
  17. Dunkin

    News Flash....

    Einstien thinks he is a singer...I have had my little 3 yr.old Granddaughter all week. The furbabies have had a ball with her. Anyway this morning I heard the Winnie the Pooh song coming from the play room then I heard the woo woo song low and behold it was Einy singing along. It was sooo cute...
  18. Dunkin

    We have electric!!

    Well after a week of no power it is finally back on!! Ours went off last Sat. 1/13/07 it came back on Wed. but has flickered and gone off for a few hours each day. My son called the day it went off and said they had power so for us to come to their house, he called back about 30 min. later and...
  19. Dunkin

    Baby boxer burn!!

    Well I took Einstien for his checkup yesterday. He got a clean bill of health and is starting to catch up on the size he should be (still alittle small) He weighs 11.9 lbs. Last night Dh was watching TV when all of a sudden he hollered "come quik" I ran thinking something was wrong and there...
  20. Dunkin

    new organization!!! BLA

    My DD was just here reading some of the post about what is your favorite thing about your boxer? She has decided we need to start a new organization BLA" Boxer Lovers Anonymous" She says we all have way to much time on our hands. LOL!!! She loves these babies almost as much as I do.