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  1. LIL Ares

    Passed CGC! What next?

    I have amazing news, this weekend Ares passed his CGC first try. He was so good he made the test look to easy. We have been working hard for the last six months and it paid off. What should we start training for next?
  2. LIL Ares

    Punched, In the face!!! In the face!!!

    How many of you have gotten punched by your boxer? I play with mine all the time and every so often he hits me one good time in the face. It's playing so you can't get mad, but man does it hurt. He given me a black eye before. Do you guys have any similar stories?
  3. LIL Ares


    I seen lots of post about taping ears and massaging ears. I was wondering is it too late to tape your dogs ears at one years old?... if not what type of tape do you use? And for what period of time do you keep it taped? I've done it over night before and they last a day then go back to flying...
  4. LIL Ares

    11 month year scared of new people

    Hello, My 10 month old boxer boy started being scared of new people. It's kind of wierd because it's only when he is on leash in heel. If we are at the dog park he runs up to anyone to get a pet from them all the time, but for some reason he doesn't like men walking up to him. Let me rephase...
  5. LIL Ares


    Hello Everyone, What types of vitamins or supplements do you give your boxer if any? I have looks around and there seems to be a lot the choose from ( Missing Link, Dasuquin, etc.). Some say if you have a good dog food you dont need anything extra. I would like to hear what you use and any...
  6. LIL Ares

    No he is not a pit!!!!

    My boxer puppy Ares is 4 months old and 28 lbs. He has floppy ears and his tail is docked. I think he is a good looking boxer. I take him almost everywhere with me, trying to socialize him. But it seems everywhere we go someone asks me, is he a pit? It's starting to drive me a little crazy...
  7. LIL Ares

    Whats the best brush?

    I have been looking around and can’t see to find the best brush for Ares. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks,
  8. LIL Ares


    Hello My name is Jonathan. I am new to forums and to boxers. My family and i have a 14 week of flashy brindle boxer boy. He has floppy ears and a docked tail. His name is Ares. He is my family’s first pet and we love him. I hopefully will be able to share a picture of him soon. Does...