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  1. garvinsmum

    Fiona - almost 7 months too

    She is actually a very happy girl even though she looks so serious!
  2. garvinsmum

    Big Thor is gone

    We had to say goodbye to our big boy Thor on Saturday. Thor was the dog that saved me after we lost Garvin. After losing 3 Boxers in as many years I couldn't face another one. I figured I'd get sent the right dog. Thor was a Dane X whose last days were running out at the pound. He came to us...
  3. garvinsmum

    Fussy Puppy

    I think I have made a rod for my own back. Miss Fiona (6 months) is not particularly interested in her food. She gets a grain free kibble. She did wolf down the Purina that the breeder sent with her, but this one at 5 times the price....nope. So I've been mixing in some peanut butter or egg or...
  4. garvinsmum

    Age at First Heat?

    Just wondering what the average age is for a female to have her first heat cycle? I've never dealt with a female in heat before so not quite sure when it is likely to happen or what to expect. We fostered a cat once that was in heat and it was PSYCHO evilicon so really hoping dogs are not the...
  5. garvinsmum

    Puppy Vaginitus

    So apparently Miss Fiona has puppy vaginitis. I took her to the vet because she appeared to have a UTI, took her back 10 days later when it hadnt cleared up, they decided it's puppy vaginitis. Gave me some some Kenacomb cream which I've been applying for a bit over 2 weeks (admittedly I did miss...
  6. garvinsmum

    Water Obsession

    So our 14 week old Fiona is obsessed with drinking water. I can only put a little in her bowl at once or she will just drink the whole lot and throw up (she does this at puppy kindy too as they just have big buckets for them to drink out of). Potty time takes forever as all she wants to do is...
  7. garvinsmum

    Introducing Miss Fiona

    She is 10 weeks old today. She is named after 'Burn Notice' TV character, Fiona Glennane. I hoped she would be brave and feisty like her. She's definitely feisty but not too brave, she's pretty frightened of the cats :LOL:
  8. garvinsmum

    Hi from another old member

    Hi I haven't been on here for a very long time so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. We lost our last Boxer Garvin in 2011 and I couldn't face another Boxer after losing 3 in 4 years. So we ended up with a Dane X and a Bull Arab. One died a year ago and I spent the last year trying to find a...
  9. garvinsmum

    Tumour on heart

    Has anyone had any experience with this? I took Bonnie to the vet because she had a cough, they found a heart murmur. So off we went to the Cardiologist, fully expecting to be told she had BCM. Turns out things are much worse, an xray showed a tumour on her heart and as it is right at the...
  10. garvinsmum

    Angel Blaise

    I just got some photos back of Blaise who passed just over a month ago. Some were of the day she diedand those preceding, but I won't post those, too sad. I can see how ready she was to go. Now she is my angel :angelicon: Blaise was SO grateful for everything she got. She was so wonderfully...
  11. garvinsmum

    Goodbye Sweet Blaise

    Some of you may recall I have posted before about Blaises battle with the dreaded MCT's. Blaise lost her fight on Tuesday night. She deteriorated rapidly over Easter and thankfully, the end came reasonably quickly. She even spared me from making the hard decision to help her to the...
  12. garvinsmum

    MCT's - not good news

    Hi all Some may remember I have posted about Blaise and our battles with the dreaded Mast Call Tumours. She's had 5 surgeries in under 12 months, each time the grade of MCT got worse. In July they were Grade 2, not so much to worry about. In October they said grade 3, life expectancy 2...
  13. garvinsmum

    Ate a Latex Glove

    What to do? Garvin ate a latex or rubber surgical type glove. Vet job or wait for it to pass? He passed one once before, I didn't see him swallow that, just saw when it came out the other end.... Thanks
  14. garvinsmum

    Helping wounds heal

    Poor Blaise is having her fourth round of tumors removed since we got her in March. I imagine the surgeries are putting a big strain on her body, let alone the tumors :( She's also having chemotherapy. We had some trouble with the wounds healing on the last surgery, so I was wondering if...
  15. garvinsmum

    Chemotherapy - anyone tried it?

    Hi all, I haven't posted on here for a while. I haven't seemed to be able to muster up the ability to post about Blaise. She got a couple of lumps off 3 months ago and 2 turned out to be Mast Cell Tumors, grades 1 and 2. So we hoped for the best. But more lumps came up and the last lot...
  16. garvinsmum

    Olive Oil Disaster

    Someone gave me a lovely 2 litre cask of olive oil for my birthday and I came home today to see it torn up and one dog coughing and having a vomit. Their mattress and the rug are sodden with oil so I doubt she has ingested much. I haven't taken her to the vet, I imagine it will just make her...
  17. garvinsmum

    New Girl and Crazy Boy

    I have just put up some photos of my new old girl Blaise and some of my loony Garvin fighting with a palm frond. Have a look, I hope you like.
  18. garvinsmum


    It's good for horses and people, but what about dogs? I've given them a spoonful on their stew a couple of times and they seem to like it. I wasn't sure if I should be giving them this because of the sugar. Niether are diabetic or overweight or have any allergies.
  19. garvinsmum

    Say hello to the new girl

    Her new name is Blaise, she came to us 11 days ago via a long and unhappy journey. She and her male companion were brought into the pound before christmas. Both very emaciated, no idea how long they had been on the streets or how they got there. They were 'rescued' after several stays of...
  20. garvinsmum

    Ate wrong stuff again

    So Garvin got up on the bench and stole a tray of mince, it wasn't that much, only about a lb or so, but he's also swallowed some of the plastic wrap as well as the absorbant pad on the bottom of the meat tray. Is this likely to go through OK??? Or should I do the vet thing or give him...