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  1. Waiting for next football season

    Waiting for next football season

    Just hangin' out and waiting for football season to begin!
  2. SophieboxerX

    New Member from Ontario

    Good to see another Canuck...Welcome to B.W. Glad to have you here.
  3. SophieboxerX

    Adopting outside your home state...or country!

    I Feel your frustration Sophie and I feel your frustration...We've been looking for a "sibling" for Sophie (who was rescued) and I've run into the same problem of the orginizations not adopting/fostering out to a different country. However I am aware of their need to make sure the family/home...
  4. SophieboxerX

    Hello from Provence, France

    Salut! Bienvenue a BoxerWorld.....Sophie and I welcome you to THE site where everything you ever need or wanted to know about boxers can be found.
  5. SophieboxerX

    Greetings from Haiti!

    Welcome Welcome to BW, can't wait to see more baby pictures. *WiGgLeS from Sophie*
  6. SophieboxerX

    Question for Barf feeders..

    Sophie used to eat grass, quite a bit; but when she was little. Now (13months) she rarely eats the grass....unless she's bored and wants to 'play' with it. She's on dry kibble.
  7. SophieboxerX

    New Boxer Mom - surprise present!

    Welcome Congrats on the little bundle of energy! Can't wait to see some BaBy pics ;) lots of *wiGGles* from SoPhIe too!
  8. SophieboxerX

    Great BIG "Hello" from Canada!

    Welcome fellow Canadian Welcome to BW where you will be able to find everything BoXer! *wiGGles from SoPhIe*
  9. SophieboxerX

    Hello From Ontario

    Welcome fellow Canadian Welcome to BW! You'll find loads of awesome info. *wiggles from Sophie*
  10. SophieboxerX

    Mixed Boxer

  11. SophieboxerX

    I need help. This is killing me!!

    Believe is full of speedbumps, turns and forks in the road and it honestly all does lay on your shoulders as to what road you take to get to your destination...even if it seems to be the wrong road at the time. I just hope that you don't make a decision that you will regret later...
  12. SophieboxerX

    Greetings from Canada!

    Welcome Welcome to the fabulous world of Boxers! Congrats on your newest addition to the family!
  13. SophieboxerX


    Welcome Neighbour Welcome fellow Canadian You'll find everything you need or want to know right here....I love the pics he is soo sweet. SoPhIe sends her ~wiggles~ We're practically neighbours...45 mins K/W.
  14. SophieboxerX

    Hello from London, ont! (New Boxer owner)

    Hey neighbour! We're 1hr away! Welcome to BW you'll find everything boxer here and lots of information. Congrats on your little guy, they are truly wonderful. Sloppy kisses from Sophie
  15. SophieboxerX

    New parents to 2 white rescues-NC

    Congrats Awwwe...I'm sure those two fur babies will fit in just nicely...and they'll be forever greatfull for the rescue... I know Sophie was and still shows us everyday. Lots of *wiggles*
  16. SophieboxerX

    hi from newcastle n.ireland

    Welcome Awesome pictures, he is gorgeous. Welcome to BW, You'll love this'll find all things boxer here. Sophie welcomes you too! lots of *wiggles*
  17. SophieboxerX

    Hi from Whistler ,BC, Canada

    Welcom fellow Canadian! Welcome to BW Where you can find all things Boxer! Congrats on your new little one, She's lucky to have you guys "save" her.
  18. SophieboxerX


    Very normal for pup's Sophie had the hiccups when she was young too. She would get them every day many times....she outgrew them though and now only gets them maybe twice a month or if she drinks/eats too fast. And the 'dreaming' is 'normal' too....Sophie still has "nightmares"....a couple of...
  19. SophieboxerX

    She just broke her toe!

    Is there an emergency vet/ animal hospital that you can take your baby to? sounds like the joint in that toe might be dislocated if it's making 'popping' sounds.
  20. SophieboxerX

    Questions re: female's first heat

    thanx Thank you for all the info...and it's true about the male dogs....they definitely have noticed around our neighbourhood...barking etc. And I am keeping her on "lock down" NO doggie park for a while :( but thanx god for our fenced yard. ;)