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  1. Lola's mum

    Re-introducing myself

    Thank you :D
  2. Lola's mum

    Re-introducing myself

    Helloooooo, haven't been on this site for a few years now. Lots of things have changed for me, currently divorcing my husband, had to sell my house and now live with my new partner 25 miles away, new job, new start. I now have 3 grandchildren too. I have Lola & Casper living with me but...
  3. Lola's mum

    I'm a nana

    Just wanted to tell the world (or part of it) that I am a nana. My daughter had a beautiful baby girl last Monday. Her name is Heidi lovicon
  4. Lola's mum

    bloody ear

    Casper had the same a while back, a small nick to his ear that just would not heal. It toof forever but just by trying to stop him from scratching it and applying antiseptic cream it eventually did.
  5. Zebedee and Casper May 4th

    Zebedee and Casper May 4th

  6. Lola and Zebedee April 13th

    Lola and Zebedee April 13th

  7. June 12th 2010

    June 12th 2010

  8. Lola's mum

    What are your boxers afraid of?

    My three don't like loud noises or anything appearing when it's not usually there. this vcan even be as silly as a rubbish bag sitting next to the bin on our walks or a bike laying on the grass.
  9. Lola's mum

    Sleep noises!

    Zebedee sometimes suckles in his sleep and he's 4 :lol:
  10. Lola's mum

    Acute moist pyoderma

    Casper has allergies and the other morning we got up to see he had a lot of blood on his head. It looked like a graze. I cleansed it using cooled boiled water and put some antiseptic cream on it. I cam home from work and it had been weeping. I cleansed it again and creamed it. I know if I take...
  11. Lola's mum

    First experience with hives ... not fun.

    Hives are scary. Lola broke out in them the other year 9think I have some pics in my album) Her face was so swollen you couldn't look at her and not want to cry. We never did find out what caused them. click the link below Boxer Dog Photo Gallery & Postcard - Lola when she had her severe...
  12. Lola's mum

    Happy 5th birthday Lola

    My lovely Lola is 5 years old today. She's had some prawns and pasta for dinner as a treat (shhh don't tell the boys) and tonight is going to share my bed with me) Doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago we were going to choose her from the litter and now she's 5. Love her to bits :D
  13. Lola's mum

    Yellow stains on head

    None of my trees are dog height, could the bark stain his head?
  14. Lola's mum

    Happy Birthday,my boy!

    birthdayic Hurricane have a lovely day
  15. Lola's mum

    Birthday time!

    birthdayic to your two, hope they get spoilt rotten :D
  16. Lola's mum

    Yellow stains on head

    Ok thanks for that
  17. Lola's mum

    Yellow stains on head

    Thank you for your kind comment Althea, will have a look at your pics in a mo :) It's not pollen as we have no flowers in the garden (the dogs are terible pruners :lol: ) Not sure if I'd dare put peroxide on him or where to get it from, is it safe?
  18. Lola's mum

    Yellow stains on head

    Wasn't too sure where to post this so I apologise if it's in the wrong place. Casper my white Boxer has yellow stains on the top of his head. i have tried to wash them off to no avail and have no idea what they are from. It is not pee from my other dogs, they are not in the garden unattended...
  19. Lola's mum

    Advice Needed

    I have no idea why this is happening but hopefully someone will come along and help you out. Possibly protecting Molly?
  20. Lola's mum

    Feet stomping!

    We call it jack hammering too, casper is the only one of my three that does this, he's like a little kid.