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  1. Dunkin

    My Timmy and Gracey

    Hello everyone, I just want to tell everyone alittle about my newest additions...Timmy came to us back in the summer just a couple of monthes after losing Maggie to cancer. I recieved a call from a friend that knows my love for the breed. He said his boss had bought a boxer puppy for his...
  2. Dunkin

    Hello again

    Hello all, It has been such a long time since I posted. I thought I would re-introduce myself. It seems that there are so many new ones here. Alot has changed since I left. Anyway my name is Sheila and I live here in Oklahoma with my Hubby and now 16 yr. old daughter. We lost Maggie this year to...
  3. Dunkin

    I'm back!!

    Hello all, It seems like a life time ago when I was last here. My computor has been so messed up (still not 100%) But I am back for the moment. So much has happened since I last talked to you guys. So just a quik catch up...We went to court over my Granddaughter Things did not go well. It...
  4. Dunkin

    Friend took her own life today

    It is so horriable when some one takes their own life. Those that are left never understand. My prayers and thought are with both you and your family and Chelsea's.
  5. Dunkin

    If our furbabies could talk...?

    OH I am soooo glad my 4 can't talk!! It would be just like raising my children all over again. Jazzy would be just like Jackie (oldest DD) always the misstreated one, Maggie would be Terri Lynn always ready to play and talk,Einstien would be Justin all laid back and lazy I guess that leaves...
  6. Dunkin

    Just a bit scared!

    Sending good vibes<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> I know it is hard not to worry (been there myself) but try to stay calm for now.
  7. Dunkin

    Our little girl...

    Welcome to the wonderful world of boxerhood!!!
  8. Dunkin

    Obsessed with Water

    That is mine, If you turn on a faucet you better watch out they will knock you down to get it. It drives them crazy when I put fresh water in the pool Jazzy has been known to pull the hose out of the pool and carry it around so the other 3 can drink!
  9. Dunkin

    Happy birthday, xenaprincess!

    fiestaicon HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! fiestaicon
  10. Dunkin

    Most Unique

    When I lost Max and then Jagger right after, I knew I wanted to name my next male after them somehow,,,,,Well My next male was a rescue named Bo so my DH said I guess we will have to call him Bojax and it stuck. So I guess Bojax is my most unique!
  11. Dunkin

    Wading pool??

    This is my 4. they love to play in the water hose, They even like to play in the lake, but WILL NOT get in the kiddie pool. They just want to drink from it.
  12. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

    We were going to court yesterday but my lawyer wanted to pospone so we can get a specialist to testify on Alyssa's behalf. I know he is doing what is best but it has been 7 weeks since I have seen or even talked to Alyssa. I have been on the phone ALL DAY trying to locate a child phys. in...
  13. Dunkin

    My Mom needs some vibes... (long)

    OMG!!! I am sorry about the accident! Sendinging lots of good thoughts to you and your family.Stay strong and we will all be praying for them both. Keep us updated please......Praying for you, Sheila
  14. Dunkin

    Hello From Sunny Florida!

    Hello and welcome to Nate, Angie and Zoe.
  15. Dunkin

    We're Back

    Welcome back! I've been wondering where you were. Punchinella has really grown.
  16. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

    Thank you I will pass this on to Brianna. She is such a wonderful child. She has had a rough go of it the last 3 months. But she has come thru it. She graduated 8th grade yesterday, she won the Leadership award the principal's honor roll and best all around girl. All of this after misssing 3...
  17. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

    I just got off the phone with my Lawyer. It seems Chris sent my oldest Daughter an e-mail that says " Tell your Mom if she ever wants to see Alyssa again she will drop this case. I will not talk to anyone but you from now on" Call me stupid but that seems like a threat to me?????? I am sure the...
  18. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

  19. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

    Thank you and tell your Mom Thank you. Well Chris got court postponed until next Wed. His lawyer is out of town this week. They did not bother to tell us until yesterday! He is now saying he is going to move to Mulberry Ark. Another 50 miles away from us. I do not care where he lives, I...
  20. Dunkin

    My sweet baby girl.

    Thank you that is what I need to hear. It takes alot to get me down but one to bring me back up.