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    Corneal ulcer - have you heard of this form of treatment?

    Ulcers Boxers are great but for when they end up with an eye ulcer. My boxers' eyes never healed and now when they are injured - off we go to the animal eye specialist (thank God I live near one) where they end up having the grid cut on the eye to heal up. I don't even go to the regular vet...
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    Boxer Wart?

    Treating warts The cauliflower wart you describe sounds just like one my daughter's boxer had on her ear and it was getting so big and ugly. She brought the dog in and vet said they could remove it and some of the ear would have to come with it. One day I put some Melaluaca (sp.) oil on it...
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    Question about a supplement for skin and coat

    Treating skin allergies I just commented on another thread that I cannot recommend highly enough using Sea Meal supplement from Solid Gold. My boxer would show problems within a couple of days if I ran out.
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    Where to start with Allergies

    Treating skin allergies I cannot recommend highly enough using Sea Meal supplement from Solid Gold. My poor boxer, Sadie (now deceased), would show signs within a couple of days if I ran out. Just sprinkle some in the food (I would add a little warm water and swish it around) and works great...
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    Elizabethan Collars...grrrrrr

    E-collars One of my boxers cracked her e-collar. It was the less plyable (sp.) plastic. We put the clear mailing tape around the edge and now the eye specialist even did it for me on a new one for my boxer.
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    Toxic to dogs

    Toxic to Boxers Don't forget garlic
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    My 10yr old boy having seizures?

    My 10-year old started having seizures, too My girl never had seizures until after her getting her vaccines and starting heartroom medicine this past spring...she started having them a few days later and didn't stop and had to bring her in for a booster dose of phenobarbital. She had seizures...
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    Crating How long?

    Crating When my boxer girl was just a baby dog she fought so hard not to go into the crate and I could not get her in! Then I tried putting her in the laundry room and she chewed throught he door! Finally she was about 9-months old and I said, screw it, I'll have to just let her have the run...
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    Skin Tags -- need advice

    Bumps and lumps and tags etc. My grandpuppy had a huge creepy scaley ball of a tag on her ear and they were looking at removing, along with part of her ear. I had some pure melaleuca oil (the trademark kind) i put on it with a q-tip. The thing fell off by itself a few days later. Now...
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    My Sweet Winston

    So sorry for your loss... I don't want to bring up any pangs of guilt or anything as your pup had a good long boxer life but if it's not too much to ask can you tell me did Winston just recently have his vaccines and/or heartworm medicine before he had his seizures? Thank you.
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    Dry Flaky Whitish Skin

    Skin itchiness etc. My poor boxer girl starts to really suffer when she doesn't get her Solid Gold brand "Sea Meal." I can tell after a couple of days the itching starts bad and if she were to go without she would start to lose her fur and show some pink skin. I can't recommend the stuff enough.
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    Brain Tumors/ Seizures

    Heartworm Medicine/Seizures One week after I gave my poor girl her heartworm medicine, she had two seizures in one day. The vet suggested I up her phenobarbital medicine but I didn't. She hasn't had any since but is having a hard time recovering from the seizures to where she was before...
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    I miss him more everyday

    My Deepest Condolescences I still miss our border collie that I grew up with and I'm in my mid-40's. She was the best girl. Now I will be facing the loss of my oldest boxer who has been the sweetest girl which I can't stand the thought of. But I guess that means that, although we must say...
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    Lumps on my poor old boxer?

    Boxer lumps There are certain things the vet looks very to determine whether lumps are anything to be concerned about. Both my boxers have several interesting lumps on them and I keep a close eye on them to see if they grow at all.
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    How to firm up their stool...?

    Dog Food My daughter had problems with her white boxers when they were young and she was feeding them Solid Good and switched and they started to gain weight with new dog food. However, my boxers have always been on Solid Good and done very well. Just a suggestion if you would like to try. I...
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    Brain Tumors/ Seizures

    Seizures My 9-year old just started having seizures last month. I'm wondering if anyone knows of relating the cause to vaccines or heartworm medicine. They started about week after being given them and then she had to be given a booster shot to stop them. After being on the daily dose of...
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    Feels Good To Be Back On

    Back when I only had my girl, Sadie, and she was a young boxer I was on here and found it quite helpful. Throughout the years I have learned much about boxers. They have so much love in them but yet can be so stubborn and then there's the health issues. Now that my kids have grown and I have...