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  1. Bxrlvr in KC

    "Good Boy" has a boxer in it!

    You can see the trailer for the movie here: It looks adorable!!! :D
  2. Bxrlvr in KC

    I found a Boxer Hallmark Ornament!

    Got Mine! Picked mine up on the way home from work yesterday. It's adorable! Thanks for the tip!!!
  3. Bxrlvr in KC

    Woo-woo to a certain song (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    Had to share a funny experience with you all. Clyde has decided that he really loves (or really hates) a certain song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He will woo-woo whenever he hears it! Actually, it's more of a howl or a bay. First I thought he was reacting to my singing :eek: but...
  4. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Merry (belated) Christmas to you, too!!
  5. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Greetings Hi, everyone! Good to see some activity on this thread. All our boas are doing great! Nothing new to report, really. Just wanted to say hello!
  6. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Hi, Greg! Hope your holidays were great! Glad to hear Gloria got over her cold. It's good that you were able to pick up on the problem so early. Snakes are very good at hiding illness! Glad to hear, too, that you a good reptile vet. The vet that sees our two dogs is terrified of...
  7. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Re: Got Snakes Greg - I am so sorry. Please let us know if you need to talk about it. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Hello, everyone! Sorry I've been kind of out of touch, but I'm just finishing up my last semester of college.... graduation is in only 6 days! partyicon Greg, I'm so sorry to hear about Bugsy... Hope you're still spoiling him terribly. My thoughts are with you. Danelle, I love your...
  9. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Mites on snakes are comparable to fleas on dogs. They are a common problem. The key is to not let things get out of hand. Mites are a parasite and can quickly cause dehydration and anemia. The Listerine method is one I have head of, but never personally used. Please ask your family...
  10. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    In response to the question about mites... My husband and I breed boas and have some mite experience. Are you having problems? I would be happy to answer any questions if I can. Also wanted to drop my two cents in about live vs. prekilled feedings. We feed everything prekilled for the...
  11. Bxrlvr in KC


    I love music! I listen to Classical when I study. They say the repetative patterns in Classical music help your memory. Lots of research on that, and it's rather interesting. Anyway, I listen to alternative, punk, metal most of the time, but will listen to just about anything other than...
  12. Bxrlvr in KC

    Funny Bumper sticker!

    My neighbor has one that says "It's hard to be humble when you own a Doberman" I would love to find that one for a Boxer! I think my favorite is "Hang up and DRIVE"
  13. Bxrlvr in KC

    Dave Matthews concerts

    I didn't really have time to read this, but thought of you guys when I saw it. This is probably one of those pages that gets updated every day, so hopefully the DMB contest will still be there when you check it out. ;)
  14. Bxrlvr in KC

    This thyme I think I've stopped the farts!!

    Clyde did not seem to notice the difference in flavor at all. We feed Iams dry food and always moisten it with some warm water. We simply add the thyme (and yogurt) on top and kind of swirl things around in the bowl. You might have to try some different "flavors" if Boomer is a picky...
  15. Bxrlvr in KC

    Have To Vent!!!

    Depending upon the email software you use, you might be able to block him from being able to email you at all. Just a thought. Good luck!!:)
  16. Bxrlvr in KC

    This thyme I think I've stopped the farts!!

    I was in Barnes & Noble a couple of months ago, and saw a book about using natural remedies for dog ailments. Of course as a boxer owner, the first thing I did was flip to the section on flatulence. Here is the list of herbs that this book recommended for this “ailment”: Aniseed Caraway...
  17. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    I can't wait to see it posted, Olly! Thanks! A bientot, Michelle
  18. Bxrlvr in KC

    Yoga anyone?

    Went to yoga again today.... I think I'm hooked! The whole concept just makes so much sense to me! Especially the room being heated. Does Hatha heat the room, Susan? I feel so peaceful afterwards, too! Yup, I'm hooked! :D
  19. Bxrlvr in KC

    Got Snakes??

    Great idea on the "boxers and other pets" section, Olly!! Feel free to use the picture I posted if you decide to go ahead with that idea. In regards to feeding habits, it is often difficult to change or break a habit that has been established. You mentioned the "hunting" mode they go into...
  20. Bxrlvr in KC

    The vanishing art of letter writing

    I'm in, too! I was part of the Christmas card exchange, and it was fantastic! We had talked about doing Valentine's Day cards, but I guess we all forgot about it... I did!