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  1. Lola's mum

    Re-introducing myself

    Helloooooo, haven't been on this site for a few years now. Lots of things have changed for me, currently divorcing my husband, had to sell my house and now live with my new partner 25 miles away, new job, new start. I now have 3 grandchildren too. I have Lola & Casper living with me but...
  2. Lola's mum

    I'm a nana

    Just wanted to tell the world (or part of it) that I am a nana. My daughter had a beautiful baby girl last Monday. Her name is Heidi lovicon
  3. Lola's mum

    Acute moist pyoderma

    Casper has allergies and the other morning we got up to see he had a lot of blood on his head. It looked like a graze. I cleansed it using cooled boiled water and put some antiseptic cream on it. I cam home from work and it had been weeping. I cleansed it again and creamed it. I know if I take...
  4. Lola's mum

    Happy 5th birthday Lola

    My lovely Lola is 5 years old today. She's had some prawns and pasta for dinner as a treat (shhh don't tell the boys) and tonight is going to share my bed with me) Doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago we were going to choose her from the litter and now she's 5. Love her to bits :D
  5. Lola's mum

    Yellow stains on head

    Wasn't too sure where to post this so I apologise if it's in the wrong place. Casper my white Boxer has yellow stains on the top of his head. i have tried to wash them off to no avail and have no idea what they are from. It is not pee from my other dogs, they are not in the garden unattended...
  6. Lola's mum

    We've got more snow

    Started snowing on friday here, looked lovely and all that then it just became a pain in the bottom. Unable to walk anywhere as it was so compacted and icey. Just started to thaw today when wham tonight we get another load. All very nice to have a white Christmas and all that but not nice being...
  7. Lola's mum

    Good job Zeb

    I just wanted you to know the success I am having walking Zeb (who is shall we say a very hyper alert dog) He carries his kong bone in his mouth the whole walk and walks like a dream. The only time he's allowed it is on walks so we keep it a 'special' toy. We pass kids on scooters, bikes...
  8. Lola's mum

    Coincidence or clever dog?

    When the dogs are in the garden and Casper wants a toy that one of the others have he usually just barks at them in frusteration but lately he has been running to the gate and barking and when they go to investigate he doubles back and gets the said toy. Roll on to just now, Casper being Mr...
  9. Lola's mum

    Casper's tail is sore again

    My poor boy :( The tip of his tail is sore again. it was obviously not docked properly in the first place as every now & then it is so sore and red. I have been putting savlon on it then taking him out for a walk so he doesn't lick it off, not sure what else to do. It's bothering him as he...
  10. Lola's mum

    Boxers & babies

    My daughters friend has a baby and when she comes over with her baby we have to shut the dogs in another room as they go absolutely mental. They jump up, whining, barking etc and it worries me they'll hurt the baby. I'm at a loss what to do and it's really upsetting me. Lola is the worst one...
  11. Lola's mum


    I know that different barking means different things and wanted to ask if anyone knew what meant what. My daughter's friend has a baby and everytime she brings her round ours and she cries Lola gives this high pitched yappy bark. I just wondered what it meant as she never barks like this at...
  12. Lola's mum

    Update on mums death

    Here is a link to the old thread which is now closed. I thought I would update you further The solicitors I contacted replied back to say they do not take on cases involving mental health. I am very disappointed as I had told them...
  13. Lola's mum

    Another fear stage?

    For the past couple of weeks Capser has been really quite edgey. The slightest noise outside and he's off barking and up at the windows, any carrier bags on the floor whilst on walks and he gets jumpy etc. He was 2 in January so should be over the fear stages by now. Earlier when I was taking...
  14. Lola's mum

    Advice on sickness

    Zeb was sick last night, he was licking at the walls, me, in fact anything and then threw up. This went on all yesterday evening so I slept downstairs with him so I could let him out whenever he was going to be sick. Is there anything I could have given him to settle his stomach or would it...
  15. Lola's mum


    We had an almighty thunder storm here last night and Lola didn't bat an eyelid. She hates fireworks and loud noises but never gets freaked by thunder or lightening, I just think it's very odd. She even sat in the garden for a while.
  16. Lola's mum

    Worst walk ever

    Not too sure whether this should go here or in behaviour so feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place. I have just had the walk from hell, the worst ever, ever, ever. Three letters....ZEB! Started off walking across the field down our road, loads of kids out playing footie...
  17. Lola's mum

    UK Benadryl

    I think I remember reading on here that UK Benadryl and USA Benadryl are differnt and contain different substances and that you shouldn't give your dog Benadryl if you're in the UK. Is that right or did I dream it, if not what is the substance in our UK Benadryl that might be harmful?
  18. Lola's mum

    Update on Casper's immunotherapy

    Just thought I'd update you on Casper's immunotherapy. I'm injecting him as per the schedule and we're onto the last vial now. Then come August he'll just be on maintenence shots once a month. At first I did wonder if they were actually doing anything as sometimes he was still rather...
  19. Lola's mum

    Ahem..Casper went toilet while on a walk

    For the second time ever Casper had a poo while out on a walk tonight appicon Yup my little man is finally (hopefully) getting over is shyness :lol: He did his first one the other week and boy did I make a fuss of him and then again tonight. He still doesn't always have a pee while we're out...
  20. Lola's mum

    Lola is now 4

    Wednesday was Lola's 4th birthday. I took her out for a lovely long walk and she had raw chicken breasts for her dinner. I can't believe she's 4 already, how time flies lovicon