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  1. Linda/NJ

    Ruby ~ almost 7 months

    Our girl is a crazy boxer puppy. 😆
  2. Linda/NJ

    Crusty eyes in morning ~ allergies?

    Ruby had a vet visit for rabies shot and told vet about her eyes, White discharge in corner, red in corner, crusty in morning, as day goes on it gets better but still watery. We are told allergies, one eye is worse than other. Told don’t do anything, didn’t want to do drops in a crazy hyper...
  3. Linda/NJ

    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Hello all! We are proud boxer parents again! She came home yesterday at 8 weeks. Meet Ruby the brindle boxer. I forgot how hard potty training is...., especially with it pouring rain. Lol
  4. Linda/NJ

    Lily passed tonight

    She was diagnosed with mass on liver in July, most likely cancer, she was losing weight, her health really declined past few weeks. No more suffering, she was sent to the bridge tonight. 10yrs not long enough with this awesome breed. She was a angel and now looking over us. She was a handful...
  5. Linda/NJ

    organic flea and tick

    Since Lily was diagnosed with a liver mass. I still have been using topical flea and tick, I rather not do that. I want to stop but don't want her to have any bugs. What do you recommend or have used that can help to put on her fur. I thought I heard Rosemary not sure if they sell sprays, I...
  6. Linda/NJ

    Not good news

    My Lily started having some issues the other day, throwing up bile and hacking, lethargic, not eating and wouldn't hold water down. Back to the vet, had so many visits this year already. She also lost weight and keeps losing it, 73 lbs last September, now 62 lbs. Xrays show abdominal mass and...
  7. Linda/NJ

    Ughh diarrhea again

    So a little back story. Lily has had it before and never an issue. she got it bad early April, took medication, bland diet and 2 wks all good. then she had uti, more antibiotics. all good, now 5 weeks later diarrhea again. back to vet on wednesday for another thorough exam, no fever and...
  8. Linda/NJ

    Uti or something else

    Lily will be 10 in June. health has been good. she has had some uti’s in the past, last time 3 yrs ago. ruled out no stones. She had a week of diarhhea recently, after meds it cleared up now she has a uti, last day of meds. The drinking and urinating excessively has lessened. She will pee...
  9. Linda/NJ

    Question for white boxer owners

    I recently noticed a teeny brown spot on Lily's lower eye lid. I first thought it was a bug or speck of dirt, tried to get it out and no luck.It is on skin and does not move. It a freckle, little on outer and little on inner. Is this pigmentation? Being a white boxer I notice as she gets...
  10. Linda/NJ

    My girl had surgery today

    I have been watching a lump for a few months, it was size of a pea end of September. That is when we had Lily's annual check, vet said possibly a fatty cyst. It got larger in 6 months. So we had it removed today and will be sent out for a biopsy. Praying all is okay and a fatty cyst. She...
  11. Linda/NJ

    Bad breath again, bleeding gums again

    sadicon I guess a dental cleaning is in the future.Bad breath and gums bleeding have started up. Lily got one 2.5 years ago, she was fine for awhile. We were told she has gum disease. She never cooperates for a tooth brushing. I do a dental spray once a day though. She is 7 now, her first...
  12. Linda/NJ

    Corneal Lipidosis Dystrophy

    Wondering if anyone's boxer has this?? We noticed a gray spot on surface of Lily's eye (cornea) a few weeks ago. We took her to a dog eye doctor, just wanted a definate answer then going to a regular vet. He said it was an corneal erosion that was healing, although still there today, I am...
  13. Linda/NJ

    Finally, some Christmas photos of Lily

    I like to share some photos of "Princess Lily" on Christmas.
  14. Linda/NJ

    K9 flu vaccine?

    Wondering how many give this to their boxer? I was told last year I needed to get it by my vet if I kennel, which I do, but only once a year. Later I found out my kennel does not need that and does not suggest it at all. We don't even take her to dog parks. So, when we go for annual checkup...
  15. Linda/NJ

    Puzzling Tummy Issue

    Our 5 yr old boxer has never had much tummy issues, sometimes when she comes home from kennel after a week. Then back to normal. Well the most recent kennel early June. Came home with bad diarrhea. She eats her own food there too. I just did the bland diet for a week and eased her food back...
  16. Linda/NJ

    Dental Disease

    I have a 4 yr old boxer that doesn't cooperate too well for teeth brushing. Well her breath is terrible. We went for her yearly physical and the vet showed us her teeth, the back ones, well I was shocked what I saw, they were gray and disgusting. So now we are looking at a professional dental...
  17. Linda/NJ

    Ginger - 6/4/97 - 5/28/09

    Our little girl passed away on Thursday 5/28. It was not expected and she was 1 week away from celebrating a 12th birthday. She has always been in good health, recently some elevated liver & thyroid numbers then last checkup 2 weeks ago all those numbers were good. She was having some...
  18. Linda/NJ

    Sirius Satellite Radio

    Me & DH just purchased Sirius and absolutely love it! I thought there would never be a day when I paid for radio. But so sick of absolutely nothing on the radio anymore. I have maybe 2 stations that I listen to then they start to play the same songs over & over again. We are big Howard Stern...
  19. Linda/NJ

    Happy Birthday Cobbpark

    Sandy, Wishing You A Happy Birthday! birthdayic partyicon
  20. Linda/NJ

    Does your boxer have a zig zag design on their butt?

    Recently me & DH noticed the fur is wavy near Ginger's butt. About 2 inches to the nub is a zig zag design. I think it is pretty neat looking. Anyone else have seen this on their boxer? I guess she is getting wavy fur as she gets older.:lol: