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    I would like to wish everyone and their sweet puppies a Happy New Year. May you all be blessed with good health and happiness.

    Six months today.....

    Today is the 6th month anniversary of Ms. Ali's passing. I truly didn't believe it would be this hard as I have had lots of dogs that I dearly loved over the years and were part of our family but there was something so special about her that I will always hold dear to my heart. She was the...

    Inquired about 5 yr old boxer but.....

    I am so lonely without my sweet girlie. I am lost so last week I went online and found someone was selling a 5 yr old boxer, however, after seeing the pic I knew there was some other breed in her and she was not spayed. The person was really slow getting back to me when I asked a question and...

    Amazing Iceberg

    The icebergs are coming in early this year.

    Love You Forever

    Today we helped our beautiful Ms. Ali cross over the bridge. Over the past couple of weeks her health steadily deteriorated to where she had no real quality of life. Both vets that saw her today said she had all the signs of a brain tumour. After last night we knew that we had to do the...

    Sad News

    It is 6:53 a.m. here now. My sweet Ms. Ali has had some type of stroke and although pacing none stop she is dragging her leg. She cannot get up when she lies down. Her balance is totally gone and she is just bumping into everything, swaying from side to side and falling down. Her gums are a...

    My Sleeping Beauty

    Here are a couple of pics that I took of her just a few days ago.. I woke her up before she fell off the couch. Poor baby.


    I have an apptm. at 6 with my regular vet as Ms. Ali is having some health issues. I am concerned her heart is giving problems. She is doing a lot of panting and will not settle. Normally when I leave she will fuss but now I cannot go to the washroom and she is panicing. She has finally...

    Ms. Ali and I back in 2009.


    Remembrance Day .... Lest We Forget

    To all those who fought and gave their lives so we can have our freedom. We say thank you. My uncle gave his life during World War 11. He was 28 years old. May he and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice rest in peace.

    Anxiety Issues

    Anyone have an remedies for anxiety. Ms. Al has been getting very anxious when we go out. She has been like this for quite awhile now, If she is sound asleep we can creep out and she won't know we are gone until we get back but that has been few and far between lately. During the summer...

    Sleeping Princess!!!


    Happy Thanksgiving

    It is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We have so much to be thankful for.