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  1. Gatorblu

    Skully has a bad knee

    Skully has had a persistent limp for a few weeks. It is a possible ACL tear. He also had some tummy issues so the limp took s back seat while we got that under control. New diet has helped tremendously on the tummy, but caused some weight gain on top of already being a few pounds overweight. So...
  2. Gatorblu

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Skully and I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
  3. Gatorblu

    Has anyone seen Jan?

    I checked and it says Jan hasn't been on since the middle of May. Anyone how she is?
  4. Gatorblu

    I hope everyone had a good Easter!

    Here's Skully wearing the bunny ears for Easter. And for those that remember Arabella and Thor pics of them wearing ears 9 years ago. Yes, I have been embarrassing my pups for a long time! :happy:7
  5. Gatorblu

    I hope everyone is holding up well under the craziness

    I hope everyone is holding up and staying well with craziness of this pandemic. Poor Skully doesn't understand why when I need to run out for something he can't go. He is used to going on about half our errands and now he doesn't get to go at all.
  6. Gatorblu

    Skully loves his Christmas present!

    I belong to a Fb page for boxer owners. Several posted videos of their dogs playing with a tetherball. I thought that would be great for Skully. He loves it!
  7. Gatorblu

    Camping with Skully

    I booked a campsite several weeks ago to take Arabella camping one last time. She loved camping and loved the beach, so when I found an opening for a site on the beach nearby I quickly booked it. Unfortunately she didn't make the trip. Skully, my husband and I went in memory of her. Plus we are...
  8. Gatorblu

    Had to say goodbye to Princess Arabella

    After putting up a good fight, we had to help Arabella cross the bridge this morning. She was funny and stubborn. And too smart for her own good and I am going to miss her terribly. She was my travel buddy and ruler of tennis balls. She lived a good long life, 12 years 10 months. I am sure...
  9. Gatorblu

    I think I jinxed things...

    I almost didn't post the other day because I was afraid I would jinx my girl. I am thinking I should have listened to that little voice in my head. Arabella has spent the last 4 nights at the E vet. We have feral cats in our neighborhood that have decided to use our backyard as a litterbox...
  10. Gatorblu

    Princess Arabella, a update a year later.

    Good morning. A year ago I came on worried about Arabella's heart. Still worried, but all in all her heart has done well on the medication. She hasn't had any collapses. At least not from her heart. I was out of town because my mother was hospitalized and left my husband in charge of the dogs...
  11. Gatorblu

    Happy 12th Birthday Princess Arabella!

    With her health issues this year, I wasn't sure she was going to make it, but I am thrilled we did! It is hard to believe 12 years have flown by! She was the runt of the litter and do tiny when brought her home at 7.5 weeks. She grew so much her first year, but 1 year old was still on the...
  12. Gatorblu

    Happy Birthday Thor!

    Tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of a lady comming through the drive thru window of the bank I worked at with a box full of one day old boxer pups. They had just left the vet's office. I asked if she had any brindle males available. She held up an adorable rat looking pup, and I fell in love...
  13. Gatorblu

    Princess Arabella collapsed

    Hi everyone. It has been awhile. This morning my princess woke up and half wheezed half, coughed, and left the room. By the time I caught up to her in the living room , she was laying on the floor and there was a puddle. She was coherent, but looked a little scared. I comforted her and then...
  14. Gatorblu

    It has been awhile...

    I know it has been awhile. Arabella and Skully are both doing well. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but we bought an RV last year. My pups love going on trips and exploring new places. Arabella turned 11 last December and is slowing down with age. She can no longer do longer hikes...
  15. Gatorblu

    Hoping our Irish friends are doing well.

    I hope Roge, and all our other members in Ireland are staying safe as Ophelia makes land fall.
  16. Gatorblu


    Skully is wearing a shirt to protect his incisions. He has spotted a squirrel in the front yard.
  17. Gatorblu

    Arabella being a protective big sister.

    Arabella is glad her brother Skully is home. She followed him around until he finally settled down.
  18. Gatorblu

    Skully wants to be my copilot.

    We had a stop over getting home. Skully made himself at home in the front seat. I think he wanted stay up there and be my copilot. (Normally he is seatbelted in the back.)
  19. Gatorblu

    Road weary pups

    So, the pups and I have headed out away from Irma. I had a long day yesterday with my nephew's wife and their baby boy while they ran some tests on him. (He was born with a kidney stone, and the test shows it is no longer there. applauseicon) With that and hurricane prep the day before, it...
  20. Gatorblu

    Well dang it..

    Took Skully in to see the vet. He has had a growth on his chest. It appeared months ago, and the vet thought it was an infected bug bite, so we did a wait and see thing. It never went away but shrunk a bit. Then last week it puffed up. So now he is scheduled for surgery to remove it. The first...