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  1. Kysha

    What funny habits?

    Where do I begin? There are so many funny habits that Owen and Payton have! Owen always does a Boxer burn after he poops. He greats us at the door with a toy in his mouth - he will NOT come say hello without one! Owen only walks along one side of the dinning room table to get to the back...
  2. Kysha

    Agility targeting and food

    I am glad that it helped! One thing that I wanted to add is that I NEVER put the food on the target. This is a big fat lure - I personally don't do ANY luring with my dogs. They get a reward from me when they make a decision to do the right thing (nose touch). One other thing you want...
  3. Kysha

    Agility targeting and food

    Can Penzer touch the target away from agility equipment? Payton does a 2on 2off position with a nose touch on all her contact equipment. She first learned to nose touch the palm of my hand - and once I got a really nice firm nose touch on my hand (in all different positions, locations, and...
  4. Kysha

    Happy 8th Birthday to Owen

    Today is Owen's 8th birthday! This birthday is extra special for many reasons - Owen has IMHA (immune system disease) and has been VERY sick a couple times over the years. It's nothing short of a small miracle that he has made it this far! I am so thrilled to have him with me. This is my...
  5. Kysha

    Does anyone think that they could get their BOXER to do this???

    My guys LOVE when I stretch and message them! They go all limp and stay quite calm during our 'sessions'! I do alot of stretching with Payton especially because of agility - we stretch before and after each run... It's fun, but it does take time for them to get used to it.
  6. Kysha

    how much time each day?

    I "work" with Payton about a total of 20 minutes a day. I don't do 20 minutes straight though... I set a digital timer for three minutes. During that three minutes I am 100% focused on Payton and we are working fast and fun together. The best time to train with Payton is when I get home...
  7. Kysha

    Innova EVO Red Meat Formula

    We have tried the Innova EVO Red Meat - but it was not a success in our house... My guys had been eating the regular (chicken based) EVO for about a year, and then I though I would try the Red Meat for a different meat protien. My guys had terrible runs, upset tummies, and vomiting. It...
  8. Kysha

    how can i???

    at the time that I got married we had Tegan and Owen. We were not allowed to bring the dogs inside the church... but we had them waiting for us as soon as we got out. They shared the limo ride and were in our photo's! I wouldn't do it any other way :-) It's so nice to look back at the...
  9. Kysha

    Toe Nails

    There must be something in our water... I have to cut Payton and Owen's nails about every 10 days. I certainly can NOT go longer than two weeks. Now I have to admit that I am quite particular about them having short nails due to having all hardwood floors and overall foot health, but they...
  10. Kysha

    Obsessed with other dogs in agility

    Working on stays are fun - at least I really like working them with my dogs. I have made it into a fun game with them - what can I do to make them break a stay? You have to be clear with your criteria and reward what you like - and also ALWAYS release your dog from a stay with a word (the...
  11. Kysha

    Obsessed with other dogs in agility

    I know your pain! Whenever I am at agility with Payton and I can not be 100% focused on her (when listening to the instructor for example) I put Payton in a down or sit stay. That way she is under conrtol and I don't have to worry about her trying to get at other dogs. The other thing I...
  12. Kysha

    Halti or Gentle Leader?

    I have only used the GL with Payton and I have to say that it worked great. I don't have experience with nor know anyone that used the Halti, so I can't compare the two... Like any training aid - it's just that, an aid. You need to know how to use it correctly and have a plan to phase it...
  13. Kysha

    Whose Boxers are the only kids?

    DH and I only have the two dogs and no plans on having skin kids... The dogs are our kids and we love it that way :-)
  14. Kysha

    Theme to Naming

    Someone pointed out to me just the other day that all my Boxers names end in "N". I had never noticed that before. Now that I have started this theme, I guess I will have to continue it!!! It all started with Jen, then Tegan, Owen, and now Payton. Has anyone else got a theme to naming...
  15. Kysha

    Mange hair growing back different?

    Owen went through D-Mange when he was about a year old and he lost about 70% of his fur. His fur grew back 'funny' at the time - I remember it being on the longer side, not as shiny and soft, and not as thick as the other fur... but it's all normal now. It took Owen about 6-8 months to grow...
  16. Kysha

    Can't stand the countersurfing!!

    The best way that I have found to combat counter surfing is to teach them a 'job' to do while in the kitchen... my dogs each have a mat in the kitchen, when I am working in the kitchen the dogs sit on their mats - I throw them cookies on their mats while they choose to stay on their mats. It's...
  17. Kysha

    What's your boxer's favorite toy?

    Owen's fav toy is Tickle Me Elmo. Owen is now 7.5 years old and big handsome boy... and he takes his Elmo EVERYWHERE with him. He is currently on his second one. His second fav toy are orange balls from Ikea - they are like a racquetball, but just a little larger. Payton's fav toy is a toy...
  18. Kysha

    Biting leash and shaking head furiously while walking

    Why not try to reward the behaviour that you DO like? Start by putting the leash on in the house and reward her for walking around the house nicely with you. Then the backyard, then the front yard. Once she has recieved LOTS of positive reinforcement for walking how you like then increase...
  19. Kysha

    Why won't he kiss me? :(

    My male, Owen, will not kiss me either! He will kiss my husband - he does not kiss alot mind you, but he will give him SMALL kisses. Owen is my first male and I thought that males just didn't give kisses. All my females have been "licky monsters". Infact, Owen will only kiss about three...
  20. Kysha

    Stomping Back Feet

    It is equivelant to a human temper tantrum for sure! catcrazy56 - thanks for sharing, good to know that we are not alone!