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  1. NBBoxer

    When Is The Proper Time for Walking

    Well, for me given my schedule I take my guy out in the morning to do his thing, and he doesn't really get much more then that in the morning. At lunch I take him for a quick roller blade, if it's raining a quick walk. After work, I take him for his long run/walk. Then out for a quick...
  2. NBBoxer

    help pulling during puppy class

    Do they have a socializing time at the start? At the puppy class I attendend here, they let them run around together at the start to try and get that out of their system. If not try playing Nala out before class, just to take the energy edge off before class. That should help some.
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    Yeah, I have training him to run beside me, but I can get him excited and tell him to pull then he gets out front and runs. It works very well for me having the ability to have him beside me or out front.
  4. NBBoxer

    Consumer Affairs complaints on Canidae

    Well since reading this I have been making the switch over to Orijen, and Hank loves it.
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    Dog Park

    I have had issues at the dog park similar to that. My guy is a very energetic player and some owners don't understand that at all. I have also been on the other side of it, when owners don't realize there dog is crossing the line in my opinion. I don't take Hank to the dog park anymore, since...
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    Welcome to BW, there is a lot of great information and knowledge on this site.
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    Consumer Affairs complaints on Canidae

    WOW.. I had no idea. I am glad I stumbled upon this thread, my guy has been on it since he was a puppy. Are there any brands you can recommend that are sold in Canada?
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    I find the dog has much less ability to pull side to side because of the forward motion and I keep him back beside me always on the same side, unless he is out front pulling me a bit. But I don't really let him pull for long. Hank loves it.
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    Hello from Toronto

    Welcome to BW, plenty of great information here.
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    Does anyone else rollerblade with their boxers? I started going with Hank because when we went running, I would play out far before him. He loves going.
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    New Faze Need pointers

    Yes I wondered that too. I have been working with him trying to claim the space around the door and making him stand back. That has worked to a degree but still having the issue.
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    New Faze Need pointers

    Sorry for the late reply, my computer was on the fritz. Hank is 2.
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    New Faze Need pointers

    Hank has been getting more and more protective/aggressive lately. From when strange people come to the house to out on a walk, which all seems to stem from when our son was born. He pulls towards people like crazy on walks and doesn’t seem to have any way of breaking his concentration. It...
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    Welcome to BW, there is lots of great information here.
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    Welcome to the site.. it's a great tool if you have any questions or are looking for information, or a place to talk boxer!
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    Peeing on Bed

    Hello all, Hank is 7 1/2 months old now. He has developped the habbit of peeing on our bed. He has tones of opportunity to go outside. He gets walked and plays outside all the time. But from time to time he will go in and pee on the bed or the spare bed.. just after coming in from outside...
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    Need Advice??

    Thanks, that's great advise.
  18. NBBoxer

    Need Advice??

    Our boxer Hank has just turned 6 months old and he has a real issue with young children, and given we are expecting our first baby this has raised major concerns. Hank seems to be fine with older kids, as long as they don't show any hesitation towards him and start to pet/play with him he has...
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    Time to Switch things up?

    Great thanks!
  20. NBBoxer

    Time to Switch things up?

    Should you switch your dog food every so often? Hank is 6 months old and has been on Canidae All Life Stages since we got him. Should I switch things for 6 months to a new food?