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  1. Reagan-Mae

    TPLO on both knees at the SAME time

    My 2½ yr old male George, needs TPLO on both knees. I have been researching about TPLO and I am having difficulty deciding whether we should do both knees at the same time. At this point the estimated cost is between $2700 - $3200 PER LEG (not including all the follow-up appts). However...
  2. Reagan-Mae

    coats or sweaters for Boxers...where to find?

    Dog Coats I bought both my boxers beautiful coats (Great White North) from they are great for cold weather because of the fleece with a nylon outer shell. They are easy to put on and they stay on. They aren't cheap but they last and they are high quality. You can order from...
  3. Reagan-Mae

    Introducing our rescue boxer to our other boxer AGGRESSION.

    Sockie the flop I read from the foster family that Sockie would growl if he was in the car and someone approached the car if she was in it. He hasn't growled at all. I am surprised because Sophie really bugs him to play nipping and so on. He is just a big flop of a dog. Maybe he senses he...
  4. Reagan-Mae

    Foster question

    Jennifer, You are an awesome lady. Reagan
  5. Reagan-Mae

    Introducing our rescue boxer to our other boxer AGGRESSION.

    Catcrazy... Oh and thanks for that bit of info from your behaviourist, much appreciated.
  6. Reagan-Mae

    Introducing our rescue boxer to our other boxer AGGRESSION.

    Sockie, Sophie and Hardly any Aggression! Hey Roma! I sent you and Linda an email yesterday with an update on Sockie (AWESOME DOG)! Linda actually sent the new foster mom an email that you had written about Sockie a few months ago - the foster mom passed it on to me when we adopted him (thats...
  7. Reagan-Mae

    Might have to find new homes for our girls.

    Not to be a party pooper but this is a good reminder, when we commit to having a pet in the house, we COMMIT. Life is always going to throw curveballs at us and we always need to remind ourselves that things usually get better. When we take on a dog, we should always consider at least 10 years...
  8. Reagan-Mae

    Introducing our rescue boxer to our other boxer AGGRESSION.

    thanks! Thank you for taking the time to provide your experiences. It seems we are doing things right since we have been doing most of what everyone has suggested. It has been 10 days now and the agression from our female is lessening. They even slept on the same dog bed this weekend...
  9. Reagan-Mae

    Introducing our rescue boxer to our other boxer AGGRESSION.

    Last week we were very fortunate to receive a beautiful 2yr old brindle male from Boxer Rescue Ontario. We already had a 1yr old fawn female who was easy-going and happy. The rescue Sockie has been a breeze. Our Sophie had been obsessed with showinig who is boss in the house. She does the...
  10. Reagan-Mae

    starting bell training..any suggestions?

    What if she rings the bell and no one is home??? I should have read these posts first before asking if anyone had info on bell training elsewhere.. oh well. I have read all the suggestions here and we are going to give it a try. Last week we graduated our 7½ mos female into her own room...
  11. Reagan-Mae

    Update on housetraining

    Hi! I haven't been on the forums in awhile so I may have missed your previous posts, but how did you go about training her on the bell? We want to do the same thing and I was hoping I would find someone here who had the experience. Have any suggestions to pass on? Reagan from Ottawa Canada
  12. Reagan-Mae

    Has Any One Seen This TV Show?

    No need to apologize Xenaprincess we are all entitled to our personal opinions! At first when we saw the intro, I thought this is corny and over the top. But as I watched the show, I really liked him. He is not a conventional trainer that is for sure. He has a book out which I am interested...
  13. Reagan-Mae

    Did we go too far? Screaming in crate! (long)

    Glad to hear that the situation is improving. Way to go! Having a puppy is just like having a baby. We brought Sophie home just after Christams, we couldn't go out for the first few months. New Year's was spent watching tv with the new puppy (I shouldn't mention that we fell asleep from the...
  14. Reagan-Mae

    Has Any One Seen This TV Show?

    I don't understand why anyone would say Brad Pattison is not a qualified dog trainer. He grew up in a family where he was mentored in life by his father. He was the first Canadian to open a dog day care in Canada despite all the laws restricting that type of business and is the founder of Brad...
  15. Reagan-Mae

    Nipping (Sorry if it's long)

    I agree a dog's "teeth" should never touch human skin and so do most qualifed trainers. My suggestion, when he starts the nipping fold your arms and turn around. He will learn really fast that he will not get any ATTENTION when he does this behaviour. Right now all the things you are doing to...
  16. Reagan-Mae

    To Swiffer or Not??

    ITS A HOAX: To Swiffer or Not?? That was an email hoax, the swiffer is no more dangerous than washing your floor with Mr. Clean or any other 'harmful' cleaning substance. The warning is a just that a warning. You know companies put warnings on everything like don't stick it in your eye or rub...
  17. Reagan-Mae

    Not coming when called!

    Back to basics - say your come command as your dog is approaching you and reward. We have also worked on focusing. They need to focus. You don't neccessarily need a puppy class to teach your dog commands and training. A good book(s), magazine and the net will provide you the info. Then...
  18. Reagan-Mae

    Boxer Socializing with Small Dogs

    We have noticed that our dog loves, just loves Pugs. Interesting.
  19. Reagan-Mae

    Not obeying...(kinda long)

    I was starting to have the same issue my boyfriend would always step in and I had to keep reminding him to BUTT out... his intentions were good but it sends a very clear message to the dog he is the top dog and I was not. One thing we found very useful and very quick when our dog is either...
  20. Reagan-Mae

    I don't know if I can deal with this anymore

    Very full plate and I really hope your family is helping you out. I can hear the frustration in your words and totally understand. I am wondering if you are the one that exercises him but now it is difficult for you because of your diagnosis. I notice a huge difference in our boxer when we...