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  1. Irinikm

    RIP Martin (18/7/2002 - 13/7/2014)

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I posted on forums. Since the first time I visited Boxerworld I visited rainbow bridge dreading the time I would have to make a post. This time has come. I came here to say goodbye, since I came here for all the good times too. Martin had a full...
  2. Irinikm

    Prayers needed for Millie Boxer

    Lots of healing vibes your way... you've been blessed with 13 wonderful years... I hope things turn out for the best...
  3. Irinikm

    We are so sorry we have been gone. We have lots to catch up on......

    Hi, Hoping you're feeling very very proud of yourself !!! Your story goes to show that where there is will, there is certainly a way !!!appicon
  4. Irinikm

    Martin and Christmas Goodies... ;-)

    Hello all and a very merry Christmas..., Christmas has always been Martin's favorite part of the year due to the yummy goodies he enjoys and all the nice presents he gets to ger (or destroy)... In Greece, we have a special holiday cookie that's called Kourabies (Martin has had several...
  5. Irinikm

    Martin and the Oil Spill !!!...

    Hello all, It's been a while since I posted since Martin mostly behaves in his old age (he's almost 8 now)... but yesterday he topped all his previous mishaps and proved that a boxer will NEVER, NEVER, grow up and behave like an well-behaved dignified senior canine citizen. On my kitchen...
  6. Irinikm

    "...that's like apologizing for sunshine."

    What a nice thing to say !!!! Glad you shared... Irene & Martin
  7. Irinikm

    My baby doesn't play...

    Hi there, What you describe is not unusual at all for rescued dogs. When we rescued Bulu a few years back she didn't recognise dry kibble (because she used to live on garbage in the streets) and would not play at all. she would sleep and sleep and sleep all the time. It took a good 2-3...
  8. Irinikm

    Training venting...!!!

    Hello all, It's been a while since i posted but today i had to vent... Lately i've been worrying that Martin is not getting enough exercise (mental mostly) and that he could benefit from hanging out with other dogs in play sessions. Unfortunately, we don't have a dog park or any other...
  9. Irinikm

    Happy Birthday Martin !!!

    Martin turned six today !!! 6 wonderful years have flown by... Martin is gonna get extra treats and toys today ;-) Irene, Martin and Boulou
  10. Irinikm

    Happy 8th birthday Avra!!

    Happy Birthday Avra, Wishing you a lot more years of happiness, joy, love, treats and toys... ;-)
  11. Irinikm

    such a difficult decision ! (Funny)

    Hello all, Last night i came home with a friend after dinner... since we enjoyed a good chinese, we got 3kgs of ice cream and a chocolate pie to go with that and had decided on a quiet evening of chocolate and battlestar galactica. Well, as i open the door, i don't see MArtin anywhere so...
  12. Irinikm

    A Good night sleep...

    Hi everyone, Last night i was super sleepy and tired so me and Martin went to bed at around 11pm and fell asleep right away. Around 3, i woke up feeling thirsty and turned to see where Martin was. As it turned out he was sleeping right beside me with his head on the pillow facing the wall...
  13. Irinikm

    Tricked The Dogs-funny

    Hello all, We've had extensive snow here in Athens (Greece) as well! This happens every 4-5 years when all of Athens (even the city center) is covered in snow... It was unbelievable ! Absolutely great ! No school, no work, everyone got to have a really long weekend (four days). It is very...
  14. Irinikm

    Dinner Time ;-)

    Hello all, Last night i was about to feed Martin, i put some kibble in his plate and then i prepared some chopped boiled chicken breast with some mushed vegetables and olive oil. While i was preparing that, he just nibbled at his kibbled... then i stand over him and i hold the plate to empty...
  15. Irinikm

    2nd lump surgury and confused feelings!

    Hi there, I know how you feel, Martin is scheduled to have a lump removed later next week and he is 5 1/2 years old and i am also thinking that he won't be with me forever... BUT... the time that each one of us has to go or our pets are to go is unknown... we take too many things for granted...
  16. Irinikm

    Ruby's had her tail amputated

    Sending lots of healing vibes and kisses from Martin. Hope all goes well and healing is fast and painless. Hang in there, Irene, Martin & Boulou
  17. Irinikm

    Martin and the silver years... (Long sorry...)

    Hello everyone... I hope you're all enjoying the christmas season with your babies... A couple of days ago, browsing through boxerworld, i came across the post of gmacleod about Henri turing five and the silver hair starting to grow on the muzzle... etc... It got me thinking as Martin (who...
  18. Irinikm

    Martin - Me, 1-0 ! (Long)

    Hello everyone, As you know Martin has been having a long history with the cleaning lady... but last night he decided to let me see who's indeed the boss around here. I don't particularly like chocolate, I am more of a vanilla person. For the past 2 weeks i've been craving a vanilla...
  19. Irinikm

    OMG, we need strength from BW... LONG

    I am so sorry for your losses... There is not much to say, other than there are some difficult choices that need to be made, and you made the choice you felt was for the best. I hope that time will ease your pain and help the good memories to outlive the bad. Best Irene, Martin & Boulou
  20. Irinikm

    Martin and chaos (what a couple !)

    Hello everyone, Martin has been known to run into trouble (or trouble running into Martin) occasionally but lately -after the incident with the cleaning lady- things were pretty much quiet. Then last night, my sweet neighbor invited me over to her house and presented me with a delicious...