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  1. JaredKyah

    New puppy won't stop nipping

    Lots of people have had success with this method, unfortunately I did not. I ended up putting Remy in time out. Evertime she would bite I would tell her no bite and put her in the dowstairs bathroom with door shut, the light on, toilet seat lid down and garbage off the floor, and leave her...
  2. JaredKyah

    Irritable bowel

    Thanks for all the helpful input. My parents did talk to their vet today and she agreed to take her off the FortiFlora and reduce the Tylosin to two weeks on and then off two weeks. The Vet absolutely REFUSED to budge on the food, saying they had to continue to feed her the IVD food, I just...
  3. JaredKyah

    Irritable bowel

    My parents Boston (2 yrs old) was diagnosed with irritable bowel, she is on Tylosin 240mg 2x per day and Fortiflora, 1 packet per day. The vet has also prescribed Royal Canin Veterinarian Diet Venison IVD. Do you think a diet of hamburger/chicken and rice may help, they are very careful about...
  4. JaredKyah

    Agression depends on who is giving treats?

    Remy goes to work with DH, there are 5 other dogs there that belong to my FIL. When Remy goes in she goes right to my FIL's office where the other dogs are and gets a treat from him, as do the other dogs, and everything is fine. When DH gives the dogs and Remy a treat from the same treat jar...
  5. JaredKyah

    Puppy isn't listening..(a little frustrated)

    I found the "time-out" sessions worked wonders. Remy, like yours, did not stop when she was told "No", nor did she stop when we yelped, or when we substituted a toy. At first, I started going into to the bathroom and closing the door so I could remove myself from her. After a few times I felt...
  6. JaredKyah

    English Bulldog and Boxer?

    Just doing some very very preliminary research. Does anyone know how these two get along? I don't know anything about the breed (bulldog) yet, but since they have short legs and a wide body are they able to jump onto a couch or a bed? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  7. JaredKyah

    Tuff Toy? Not for a boxer!

    You have to love the toys that are designed for "tough chewers"; it takes longer to go to the store and buy them than it does for Remy to destroy it. I shouldn't complain too much though, at least she only chews the toys and leaves my things alone. I've bought some Tuff Toys that were rated...
  8. JaredKyah

    Got a picky eater?

    Yes, I have been through the picky eater stage. After the initial disinterest in food, she would eat a different food for maybe two days before going off it again. I didn't feel comfortable with the :if she's hungry, she'll eat" approach. It may work for some, but I just couldn't do it. She...
  9. JaredKyah

    How do I get Apollo to stay in the yard?

    During the training period you can't ever leave your dog unsupervised in an unfenced area. Please consider getting a fence, even a temporary fence is preferable to no fence at all.
  10. JaredKyah

    I have a dilema, please help-

    NO DEAL :mad: When we were deciding on names, I know this sounds strange, but the kids were in Fl. and we were in CT, we made up a spread sheet of about 12 names, everyone had input. Then we all voted individually, any name that got fewer than two votes was taken off the list. We kept...
  11. JaredKyah

    Please Help! Need a specialist!

    It might be too far for you, but there is a place in Rhode Island called Ocean State Veterinary Hospital. They have a large staff of doctors, who are all specialists. They are not an everyday vet clinic, they deal with emergencies and specific problems only. After Remy had a UTI we went to...
  12. JaredKyah

    Question about how much breeders charge

    I am also in the northeast. A year ago, when I was looking for my puppy, 1500 was a decent price. The lowest price from a reputable breeder was $1000. and the highest was $2500. And the others are right, although there are no absolute guarantees, your puppy has a better chance at a long and...
  13. JaredKyah

    Peed in her sleep

    The first thing you should do is rule out infection: bladder, urinary tract, kidney, etc. Peeing in their sleep could be a sign of those types of infection. If it is not an infection, adding fresh parsley to their food may help. Parsley acts as a diaretic, however, it does allow the dog to...
  14. JaredKyah

    Doggie Timeouts

    When Remy was younger, I would put her in the downstairs half bath, with the light on and the garbage off the floor for about 20-30 seconds. This worked when she was in her puppy attack mode, when nothing else worked at all. I only had to do it a few times before she stopped all together.
  15. JaredKyah

    how do get my Petey to get in the truck?

    Odd, I thought it was just mine that wouldn't get into the car by herself. She is excited enough to go in the car, but just waits by the open door and looks at us as if to say "Well, lift me in ...slave". It's a good thing she is not going to be one of those 90lb boxers.
  16. JaredKyah

    Freezing bonemeal?

    I paid $13.00 for a one pound can, I will indeed look on-line for my next purchase, Thanks
  17. JaredKyah

    Freezing bonemeal?

    I just picked up bonemeal today and asked the health food store person about freezing. She said that if you weren't going for the taste value (apparently bone meal is tasty, who knew?), then she did not see any reason why it couldn't be added to the food and then frozen. She said it would have...
  18. JaredKyah

    How much is your boxer worth?

    I wouldn't part with Remy for anything, but I would consider parting with one or two human family members.;) Do you think the man at the park would be interested in a sister in law, a brother in law, maybe? I'll personally escort them, my Aunt is in Ayr, so after the trade I'm off to visit. :)
  19. JaredKyah

    Two Offal Questions

    Thanks, now I understand the concept, but unfortunately I don't know how much organ meat is in a prey animal. If I am feeding 30 ounces of meat per day, does 3 ounces of offal sound right?
  20. JaredKyah

    Two Offal Questions

    What is the best way to cook offal? and If I am feeding approximately 2lbs of meat and offal per day, what is the proper ratio? Is 75% meat and 25% offal acceptable, or is it too high or too low?