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  1. Indy B's Mom

    Who's in charge???

    I would have to say that Tyler is the "top dog". Peyton will occasionally try to be the leader, but she is too nervous to lead the pack. Ty is more of a cocky dog with that "I don't care attitude" so he just naturally does what he wants and I guess Peyton figures she might as well follow suit...
  2. Indy B's Mom

    Question About Older Female Rottie's Heat?

    We went through that with Peyton when we adopted her. She went into heat a few days after she came to us and bled heavily and continuously. We had her at the vets a few times for her health issues and when her cycle didn't stop, they gave her a hormone injection. They said her continous cycle...
  3. Indy B's Mom

    Atlas is afraid of my new washer and dryer

    Ty and Peyton were terrified of my new Dyson when I first got it. They were fine with the old vacuum-funny thing is that the Dyson is quieter than the old vacuum. It took a few times before they stopped acting like I was going to suck them up in it lol. I think they just get used to the way...
  4. Indy B's Mom

    ever had this happen???

    Oh, the poor baby. I heard that if it happens, to try putting sugar on it-they lick the sugar off, which wets the area and it goes back into place. I don't know if there's any truth to that, but it might be something worth looking into. Glad to hear that Einstein is okay!!
  5. Indy B's Mom

    Snubby's Tattoo

    I had both my boxers tattooed for id purposes, but their's say "PA######"-PA for our state and their id #'s follow. Our vets office we go to will add a little something afterward, like a smiley face if you want. Although cute, we opted to just get their numbers done lol. We had them done...
  6. Indy B's Mom

    Mother wants to report me to Animal Welfare???

    You are welcome for the info. I'm sorry to hear that your family is making such a fuss about your babies. Have you asked them how it affects them that your dogs live indoors with you? Since you live in your own house, whether or not your dogs are inside should have absolutely no impact on...
  7. Indy B's Mom

    does anyone let their children do obedience with your boxer in a 4-h club?

    I had to re home my friends boxers, when she passed away unexpectedly and her hubby drives truck so he was unable to care for them. The wonderful family that took them already had 1 boxer. Their 14 year old daughter shows her in the 4-H and they said it is a great program that their daughter...
  8. Indy B's Mom

    Mother wants to report me to Animal Welfare???

    I hope this information is okay to post-I understand you are in Ireland and this info is from the Humane Society of the United States, but hopefully you can show this to your Aunt to help educate her about dogs living outside, who are usually chained/penned. (Sorry it's so long). Along with...
  9. Indy B's Mom

    What goes through a boxers mind?

    Ha-Ha, love the pictures!! Your description of Henri sounds exactly like Ty-sweetest dog in the world, just not the sharpest crayon in the box lol. I can just imagine Henri thinking like "The little engine that could"... I think I can, I think I can. You have one handsome boy!!
  10. Indy B's Mom

    For those with multiple boxer babies....

    We bought our house in July 06 and it's about 1400 sq. feet with a 1/2 acre fenced. The fenced in yard is wonderful-we love it! Before we found our house, though, we were renting a TINY 2 bedroom house-about 800 sq. feet and no fenced in yard. It was getting tight with me, DH, DD, 2 dogs and...
  11. Indy B's Mom

    Hydrogen peroxide Help!!

    Oh gosh, I'm glad to hear she threw up. When we had to use it for Ty, it took a few times-the vet told us how much to give then said to give it 15 minutes to see what happens, then give a bit more peroxide and try that a few times. Ty ended up throwing up whatever item he had ingested for that...
  12. Indy B's Mom

    Smallest full grown boxer?

    I have a few pics of Peyton in my gallery-one is of her standing, but she isn't standing next to Ty so I don't think it gives you a true idea of her "small stature". It's kind of funny, because when people come to our house the first time, they always ask if "the big one is friendly" and...
  13. Indy B's Mom

    Smallest full grown boxer?

    My Peyton is the same height as your little girl, 19" but weighs between 35-39 pounds. She has also been deemed in fine health-we had a full panel bloodwork drawn when we first adopted her but she is so tiny. Everyone is surprised when we tell them she's 2 years old and think she's a pit mix...
  14. Indy B's Mom

    Why are they so darn nosey???

    Ha-Ha, that's what we say about our 2-nobody has ever told them they are dogs, so they must assume that they are human too. So, naturally, they have to be where the rest of the humans are lol.
  15. Indy B's Mom

    Swollen neck gland?!?

    I'm glad to hear that her vet appointment went well! Leyna is an absolute doll baby, I just want to kiss that sweet litle face lol. Ty, Peyton and I are still sending good vibes to Leyna and I hope her cold clears up really fast. Thanks for the update!
  16. Indy B's Mom

    Swollen neck gland?!?

    I just wanted to check and see how things went at the vet. I'm still sending good vibes to Leyna and my furry crew is sending her lots of sloppy smooches. I was thinking about your baby today and hope things went well for you.
  17. Indy B's Mom

    Swollen neck gland?!?

    I'm sorry that I don't have any advice for you, but Ty, Peyton and I are sending lots of good vibes to your baby. Please let us know how things go at the vets.
  18. Indy B's Mom

    Sure Vets make charges up on the spot !

    It's definitely crazy, some of the prices they come up with. We use 2 different vets-a cheaper vet for shots and basic exams. Since they are so cheap, they aren't very thorough and sort of get in/get out. Then we have our pricey, very thorough vet for any health concerns. That was where we...
  19. Indy B's Mom

    Lola is a big trucker today!

    Oh, that is awesome! My DH is also a big trucker, but he goes for a week at a time so Ty and Peyton would get bored. I would love to see her cute smushy face looking out the truck window-too cute! Have fun Miss Lola-you make sure Daddy doesn't hang out in the hammer lane too much lol.
  20. Indy B's Mom

    Massage for Lola

    oooh, could I ever use a massage lol. I know Ty turns to mush when his holistic vet gives him his chiropractic adjustment. She starts by massaging him and slowly does the adjustment. He is so funny-he leans into her with his eyes half-closed and absolutely LOVES it! Spoiled babies lol!!