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  1. BoscoDog

    Keeta's Photo Book is updated

    She is so cute! Thank you for sharing. Now I'm going to have to get another one.
  2. BoscoDog

    Hello All

    Welcome to Boxer World! I'm sure you will find it very helpful and entertaining! We are also in Massachusetts.
  3. BoscoDog

    Puppy can't handle vaccines!

    This same thing happened to Bosco when we took him to get his 1st shots. Bosco's allergic reaction didn't happen until right after we got home. It was so scary! We had no idea what to do so we rushed him to the emergency vet. Anyways, since this happened we give him benadryl before he goes...
  4. BoscoDog

    'Cane is gone

    I am so sorry for your loss. Try not to think of what you could have done, you'll drive yourself crazy. Instead, think of all the happy times you had with your boy. Take care.
  5. BoscoDog

    the rain! it buuuuurrrrns!

    Reminds me of Bosco. He hates the rain! He won't even go outside if it is sprinkling out. I have to push him out the door. He loves the snow though.
  6. BoscoDog

    3 Puppies to choose from

    Maybe you could start my deciding if you want a brindle or fawn. Then maybe you could decide male or female. That should narrow it down. Another thing i heard is to put the pups all together and walk away, call them/get their attention, and which ever one comes running first is the puppy for...
  7. BoscoDog


    I also have two parakeets. Mine are not finger trained so they aren't as much fun as some. I have a picture of my two in my gallery. Sometimes they get really loud but this is usually because they want something or they are bored. I find that if they start squaking and I put a...
  8. BoscoDog

    Anybody Sopranos Fans????!!!!!

    I totally agree! The past three episodes have been a little on the boring side but i am confident that it will get better. I think Tony has had about all he can take of Paulie
  9. BoscoDog

    Barbaro has lost his battle:(

    That is so sad. I hadn't heard the news yet. I was really hoping that he would pull through.
  10. BoscoDog

    Innova EVO

    Bosco eats EVO and he is doing very well on it. I think we have finally found a food that he actually likes (hopefully I have not spoken too soon). We used to always have to mix wet with his food to get him to eat but with the EVO he just eats it plain with no wet. I'd def. give it a try...
  11. BoscoDog

    I know you're in there

    He looks so beautiful standing like that. Nice picture and nice look dog! Thank you for sharing.
  12. BoscoDog

    Quick video of My Brindle "Samson"

    He is too cute!! I enjoyed every picture!
  13. BoscoDog

    We got a beautiful rev brindle girl today!!!!

    Congrats on your new girl! I'd love a reverse brindle!
  14. Bosco is just "thrilled" to be having his picture taken...again.

    Bosco is just "thrilled" to be having his picture taken...again.

  15. BoscoDog

    Hi, I'm Zippy Snicklebutt

    Haha! I'm Sloopy Wafflebutt... please don't judge me by my name... lol
  16. BoscoDog

    Cauliflower growths in Violets ears

    I don't have much advice for you. However, papilloma virus is warts and the cauliflower texture you describe sounds like warts to me. Keep us posted and good luck!
  17. BoscoDog

    Southern New Hampshire/North Central Massachusetts Boxer Playgroup

    I'd also love to meet up. We have been to the Derry Park before and Bosco just loved it there! We would also be willing to meet at another park as long as it is fenced. We are def. in need of a playdate!
  18. BoscoDog

    My boxer took my seat!

    Bosco does this all the time too! It's annoying but it always makes me laugh!
  19. BoscoDog

    Gemini doing her tricks ( video link youtube)

    Good girl Gemini! Thanks for sharing!
  20. BoscoDog

    Keela is 9 1/2 months already!

    What a beautiful girl! Everything about her is gorgeous right down to that magenta collar against her coat!