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  1. Lunasmom

    canidae vs Innova

    if i still fed kibble and luna wasn't allergic to rice...innova it would be!!! I had stella on the regular innova for a while and she did great on it. But canadaie is great too...probably more economical too
  2. Lunasmom


    im sure you did fine if you only got 75 questions. i remember when i took mine and at question 75 i pressed the answer then closed my eyes and kept saying "please turn off, please turn off" and it did :) My friend had to take almost the whole shut off for time reasons!!! how...
  3. Lunasmom

    Are these foods any good?

    i would not find a new vet if overall you are happy with them. Vets don't learn much about nutrition in school, so they just assume that the foods that support vet schools are good ones. I remember when luna was on merrick, my vet had never even heard of it!!!! i recomend innova, merrick...
  4. Lunasmom

    chicken necks or leg quarters to start?

    i buy from the grocery store and the co-op, what is on sale. but im looking into the poultry plant near me and there is a store that sells buffalo and different meat that im going to see. there are some great sites on are some that i use
  5. Lunasmom

    By nature Pork and sweet potatoe

    my luna is allergic to rice...its hard but managable. she ate TO elk, bison, and ocean blue. she also did great on EVO...but we just started raw. thats great that you found a food that she is doing well on!!! i would write to them and let them know...they like to know that kind of stuff!
  6. Lunasmom

    question we go with questions!!!! this is the first one.... they have had three raw meals in a row now and I just looked outside and someone had bad diarrhea on the sure its luna because stella had hard tiny poos this morning. Is this normal when starting out? i gave her some...
  7. Lunasmom

    merrick wilderness blend

    Stella eats merrick wilderness blend and loves it! i like that it has different meat sources than other buffalo and venison.
  8. Lunasmom

    chicken wings?

    i also get chicken jerky...luna will do ANYTHING for bully sticks though...luna's belly doesn't like them. That is a great idea about the fruit icies for the kongs...right now i use can food, kibble and yogurt...but the icies would be easier!
  9. Lunasmom

    chicken wings?

    so the first dinner went GREAT!!!! i don't know why i was so nervous. neither one gulped at all...the munched and crunched through their wings. stella took a little longer...she thought that licking would do the job, but soon was crunching along. they seemed to really enjoy themselves too...
  10. Lunasmom

    chicken wings?

    thanks erin!!! i was absolutely not going to feed kibble and rmbs in the same meal. the kibble was going to be just dinner a couple times a week, perhaps the nights that im working. Well i guess i will give it a try tonight and see how they do!
  11. Lunasmom

    Why are some vets against raw?

    my mom just told my vet friday that im switching...she seemed concerned and asked me some questions..but once she saw that i had figured things out, she was all for it. She was excited to see my books on the subject too, so i bought a few that im going to donate to the office for being such a...
  12. Lunasmom

    chicken wings?

    i am planning on switching luna over to raw in the next month or so, with a couple of kibble meals a week to keep her used to it if she has to go stay with my mom. My question is...i found a great deal on chicken wings today so i got a big pack and weighed them out and packaged them up...
  13. Lunasmom

    Kona's Intro ~ Hi from Massachusetts!

    Welcome from Luna and I in NH!
  14. Lunasmom

    Marrow bones for boxers

    my girls like the beef rib bones better than marrow bones. they chew them longer too, which is good on the days i need to sleep for work!
  15. Lunasmom

    Raw Bone Question

    i get my girls marrow bones and clean out all the marrow so they don't get diarrhea. the marrow is very rich and can cause some tummy upset. These bones are pretty good and nice and hard. i make sure to get ones that have some length to them instead of the chips or disks. Good luck...oh...
  16. Lunasmom

    Limited Food Selection In My Town

    you could order just about any food from if you sign up for their contest of free food for a year...they send you coupons in your email just about everyday, sometimes 22% off!! that usually more than covers the shipping.
  17. Lunasmom

    Innova EVO

    Luna eats it. she had battles with diarrhea for almost her whole life and is allergic to rice (i think). She is doing great on it. And i feed her less than with the timberwolf organic. Your pup needs to be at least 18 months old to eat it though. Good Luck!!!
  18. Lunasmom

    Hello from Massachusetts from NH and my boxer Luna came from Mass...This site will be very helpful to you!
  19. Lunasmom

    Questions for those giving fish oil and/or brewers yeast

    i also just put the fish oil capsuls in the girls food...they just eat them along with the dry food. And other than luna's enzyme powder, they get apple cider vinegar in their breakfast and maybe yogurt at night.
  20. Lunasmom

    Mother Nature Treats

    luna has a very very sensitive tummy to say the least and she gets the carrot cake ones at my moms house and seems to do well with them. perhaps they are too much for your dog? Luna can't have the innova, CN, or any of the other mother nature treats though because they would all give her...