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    What to do with my 9 month old boxer! LONG Reading Sorry :(

    Thanks for the reply. He is walked each day for 1 hour. Plus we take him for a ride here and there and we play inside as long as he's not being crazy. I wish I could get a behaviorist to come and see us. We live in NL canada and there's none here that I know of :(
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    What to do with my 9 month old boxer! LONG Reading Sorry :(

    I have a 9 month old fawn boxer named Jack. We love him and have done everything 'right' for him. I have a 7 year old as well who dearly loves Jack to pieces. He has all his vaccines, neutered, had obidence training, a dog walker walks him everyday. I have 3 MAJOR problems with Jack since...
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    Help needed with Boxer Biting

    RE Suggestions Thanks for the input. I agree that putting Jack in his crate is not a good idea and have stopped it. What I have noticed is if he is well exercised, it's not an issue. Hopefully when he has his last vaccine next week and we can get him out walking this won't be a...
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    5 mo old pup won't stop biting my son

    Same here. My boxer is 3 months and i can't leave him and my 6 year old in the same room. If you hear of any ideas, please please let me know. I'm researching to see what can be done as well.
  5. My Jack :)

    My Jack :)

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    Help needed with Boxer Biting

    Hi All, This is my first post for please forgive me if I've missed something. I have a 14 week boxer who is adorable and we love him dearly however, the biting is becoming a big issue. He started off nipping when we bought him home and we would always divert his attention with a chewie or...
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    First time boxer owner

    Hi All, I'm a first time boxer owner and love my puppy. He is a goofy, loveable puppy who is a joy. He just turned 14 weeks old. I look forward to posting and reading forums. Nice to meet you all. Deanna King NL, Canada