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    Favorite Thanksgiving food

    Heres on for ya'll...I don't eat leftovers of anykind...except for thanksgiving..I can't wait to have leftovers! Weird I know! Laura
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    Newbie from Pembroke Pines, FL

    Welcome to BW!! You will love it here! Laura
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    When can I not worry about watching him 100%

    Never stop! When you let your guard down they will defluff pillows!nonoicon The key to potty training is being consistent..take a treat with you and give it to him after he goes potty...I still say to both mine do you need to go potty? They will run to the door because they know a treat will...
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    Red Mange!

    Hi Brittany, the main thing is to try to boost the immune system..a good quality food or barf, a supplement like Missing Link has helped a lot of members..good luck...sending healing vibes! I did a quick search heres one for mange, but you could refine it for red mange...
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    Boxerworld Babies, on my mind!

    I do the same thing, when I told hubby about the PorterBellaMushroom he said what~so I had to show him the threads...he thinks I've lost my mind..however when we all meet like the twins do..he will be jealous! Laura
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    am i nuts!!!??

    Thats what we all said :lol: now the cuz is in a drawer :rolleyes: I'm a bad mommie! Laura
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! Ditto what Tonya said! Rescue appicon Good luck in your search! Boxers are a breed apart! Laura
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    Welcome! I remember potty training...I don't miss it:D You will love it here! Laura
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    Brand new Boxer mom from Texas

    Welcome! You will laugh here about everything...even poop is funny some how and you are never alone..we all have been there..:D:D Congrats on the addition of Oscar! Laura
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    Neurological trouble

    Oh my gosh...sending hugs to you....godspeed Ty...I'm very sorry for your loss... Laura
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    We have to give Lucky away!!!

    Hang in there Megan...sometimes things happen for a reason..maybe you lost you job because there is a better on with your name on it...good luck and sending all sorts of vibes your way! Laura
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    Male boxer puppies

    I encourage you to get a male! My Bubbalove is the sweetest thing on four legs...he was fixed at 4 months and never has humped me...however :rolleyes: he and Bella hump each other...I don't know why, but each one gets really :mad: when the other one is doing it :D Laura
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    After puppy shots, when do they need 2nd set?

    Most of mine are a year apart, except for the rabies after 1 year it goes to 3 years..Bubba is on the 3 year, Bella isn't yet...but your vet should let you know when it is time...ours sends a postcard reminding us... Laura
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    Newbie from North Carolina

    Once again she took the words out of my keyboard:rolleyes: Welcome! Laura
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    Max 1990-2005

    I'm so sorry..I had my kitty put down a couple of weeks ago at the ripe young age of was like my child...I understand your grief.. godspeed sweet kitty... Laura
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    Goodbye, Sweet Chloe

    I'm sorry for your loss...godspeed sweet stinkyboy will be there to help you! angelicon Laura
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    Hello From Florida!!

    Welcome! I hope some members can help you figure out what is wrong with your baby! Post in the health forums..good luck.. Sending healing vibes your way! Laura
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    hello from cairo egypt

    Welcome! You will love it here! Your house sounds like loads of fun!:D Laura
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    kidney/bladder problems

    Hi Jody! I wouldn't call myself an expert but :rolleyes: I have had kidney and bladder problems all my life as well as my sister and dad he died with end stage renal failure...I have polycystic kidney disease (pkd), my sister passes kidney stones like candy and they still don't know why...I...
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    Cody's eye is swollen almost closed

    I don't know but if it keeps on I would call the vet! Sending healing vibes to Kody! Let us know! Laura