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    Hi i'm new

    Hello and Welcome to Boxer World. I responded to your post in Dog Training.
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    Help Please At wits End with my boxer

    I will not pretend to have all the answers but I can say that using shock treatment is not tolerated here. Rubbing the pets nose in it will not help either. What I had been when we brought our boxer home at 8 months and she was constantly using the inside of the house as an elimination is to...
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    My Heart Has Been Broken Again

    I am so very sorry for your loss of Dino. I know how difficult it is to put an animal to sleep. In the end you know you did the right thing. Peace be with you.
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    How many of your Boxers drink like that?

    Layla "talks" to me when she needs me to give her a fresh bowl of water inside. Now when she is outside she loves to drink from the hose. Inside or out it does not matter she drips a lot of water after taking a drink
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    They suspect Meningitis

    I am so sorry and am sending good thoughts and prayers for you and Sable.
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    Introducing Allegra aka Allie

    Aww Allie is so cute. Have tons of fun with her. Makes me want to get a puppy for Layla because she just loves playing with other dogs.
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    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    Back Ache..
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    Goodbye Bosco & Gabriella

    I am sorry for your loss of your two furbabies. Sending you healing prayers and hugs. Run forever free at the Bridge babies.
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    The kids are going to be in Bark magazine

    How cool is that. You must be very proud of your furkids.
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    Meira and Newborn

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby and your boxer.
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    Breaking my heart

    Sending prayers and hugs to Sable and your family. I really do hope she has turned the corner and begins to feel better.
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    Naming our boxer

    Cute idea for choosing a name.
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    I hope we are making the right decision

    Sending good thoughts and healing prayers for your baby.
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    New Here and New to Boxers

    Welcome to Boxer World!
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    Desperate-5 Month puppy w/ Pneumonia & enlarged Heart plus tummy issues

    I agree with scheduling an appointment with the cardiologist. When we initially rescued Layla she had kennel cough too. What you are describing is exactly what she had. Prayers being sent hoping that you get some results for your furbaby.
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    Things we do for our pups! (and they are so worth it!)

    Yep there isn't anything really we won't do for our fur babies. lovicon
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    Seizures and Sentinel?

    I don't have anything to offer but I am sending good thoughts and many hugs to you and Dutch.
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    Zeus taking care of the abandoned kitty we found

    Zeus is adorarble! Not sure what Layla would do if she saw a kitten. I know she loves to chase rabbits though.
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    Hello Boxerworld!

    Welcome to Boxer World!
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    Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia can be deadly!

    Lori I am sorry for your loss. I wish the vet would have caught this earlier. Godspeed Justice